The innocence of a child.

His breath fanned my face softly as he slept in my arms,then it began to dawn on me……..

Before you start thinking something else(smh) it was my nephew i was holding and as he slept i was looking at him and admiring another one of God’s awesome wonders,when suddenly it dawned on me how innocent,trusting and obliging a child is.I was thinking about all of these when he began to stir and squirm so i had to sing him a lullaby(i have a good voice,trust me) and in no time he was fast asleep.I had to wait a while for him to ‘sleep deep’ so I could put him in his cot and put my thoughts  down.

A child has a lot of admirable qualities for example;they are trusting,obedient,teachable,humble,carefree etc. Then i began to wonder,what happens to these qualities when that child begins to grow,why do they become suspicious,angry,stubborn and proud?

Life has a way of molding us into what we have become today,we lose the innocence of childhood and take on qualities that we did not possess originally.Challenges and situations that we face in life form in us certain opinions and mindsets that  have turned us into what we have become now.It is said that tough situations don’t last but tough people do,I believe that the twist to this statement is that,some people become so tough that they lose their innocence so that we have a lot of people who are hardened,suspicious,cautious,untrusting and wary of everyone including even their own shadows………………….If this is the kind of people we are,is there any wonder  why we act the way we do?

We all are looking for solutions to all of life’s problems,but its rather sad to discover that people go to places where their problems are multiplied instead of  solved.As i reflect on this,i remember a verse in the bible that says “come unto me all you that are weary and heavy laden and i will give you rest”……….As simple as this sounds it is very hard for us to just simply trust another person even or God with our problems.We complain that our problems  outweigh us but don’t want another person’s problems and we don’t want another person to ‘pokenose in our business'(what do we want sef).

Sometimes it is easier to worry and be anxious about something than to trust someone else.It is however the exact opposite that God expects of us,he says we should not worry but we” should cast ALL our cares on him because he cares for us”.This is another another simple instruction  but a very hard one to obey too.I began to wonder if God expects us to trust him and depend on ho so much,how can  then learn to trust God with my problems and depend on him for solutions?I ask this because i can worry ehn… i like to plan and do things myself so yes am not innocent of this crimes too…

Jesus told his disciples in luke 18:17 that anyone who will enjoy life as God ordained from the start must be like a child.Before you say anything because you might be thinking “what has thinking like a child got to do with how my business will grow,how i will get married or how i  will feed my family?”Before you give up on this article please i take God beg you,read on.(smiley face)

To trust someone we can see is almost an impossibility talk less of someone you cannot see!Yet God wants us to trust him and stop worrying about our problems.Watch i didn’t say stop planning or working God said worries so that some people will not take it as a license to do nothing.Can you just for a sec think about your child or your little nephew,niece or cousin.Try to think of how trusting they are,everytime you promise them something  they always believe you even if you forget they would remind you so that next time you are coming you would remember and they’d still love you wether you do or not.Children don’t doubt whatever they are told,they are very trusting,dependent etc.God wants us to relate with him as kids,to stop feeling we are the author and finisher of our lives. I have heard people say “its my life i can do whatever i want” .Not so!

God gave you life its not yours,its your will and choices that is yours,its our business how we choose to live our lives on earth but it becomes God’s business how we lived our lives when we face him in eternity. So if we want to be able to live and enjoy the full benefits of being a child of God,let us therefore be children……




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4 Responses to The innocence of a child.

  1. Deniz Dakutu says:

    Bravo!dis is an eye openin article,I’m proud 2 identify wit u,may d gud Lord opens our inner eyes 2 see beyond our shadow.big up

  2. Ayodele Ilepe says:

    you tried but can be better and deeper

  3. U really need to watch your use of language, irrespective of what you intend to communicate, a poor punctuating system, erroneous spelling coupled with syntax errors and word skipping is not good for your intents. And I also must say that you should avoid sounding amateur, the comments in the bracket make u sound a bit mediocre. Other than this, I can say that you are on the right track and just be consistent, I can promise you that you will move forward, feel free to check my blog anytime! How are you doing by the way?

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