A rose is still a rose

Everyone is insecure about one thing or another.Before crucify me with a six inch nail please hear me out,phew that was close.

Consciously or unconsciously,there is something we always wish we had that someone else has or something we wanted so bad to do that we can’t. Hmmmm are you getting the picture?

Let me give you an example some peeps wish they could sing but no matter how much you teach them or what vocal therapy they go through,they can never sing (unlike people like me that can sing naturally,lol).

We are unique beings,I can do stuff that you can’t and you can do stuff that i can’t.                                        A rose is a beautiful flower that has thorns all over it,if you don’t hold it carefully,the thorns will prick your​​​​​​ finger,but in spite of these great flaw,people use it on special occasions or to show love.The rose is associated with happiness, love and joy,when given to a person they feel loved aπϑ appreciated.

Aint it funny how this prickly plant that could cause pain could also evoke feelings of love,affection aπϑ beauty at the same time.

We are not perfect we have flaws that we wished we didn’t or try τȍ hide if possible but its always there staring us ‎​in the face like d biblical”plank ‎​in the eye”.

As much as we lament about our flaws especially the ones we can’t change(including plastic surgery….(shudders),we should learn fall ‎​in love with ourselves just the way we are.There’s a reason God created you that way(if your too head big nothing do you,e just mean say you know book well well,) lol.

OK seriously now,Your flaws are part of your uniqueness just like the thorns are part of the beauty of the rose.Improve your skills,take care and pamper yourself,fall in love with you,celebrate yourself no one can do it better than you and when you do this others will love you for being yourself.

Don’t try to be a cheap clone of someone else they find it irritating.Remember how your kid brother or sister always wanted to be like you at first you found it amusing then after a while it became annoying ( lol,i know what that feels like i have five of them),that is what happens when you try to become someone or something that you are not.

Enjoy being yourself no one can do it better than you,be at home in your own home.

You are still a rose and you are beautiful just the way you are………………..


About jesuseun

I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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4 Responses to A rose is still a rose

  1. taiwo says:

    Nice one! Am proud of you.so wah r u feeling like cos u now have 5 youger ones.me sef I have three plus kehinde(I pray she doesn’t see this) buh its a good piece,na me wey train u,ure coming up! Pele apprentice mi lolz

  2. Carl says:

    This is a beautiful piece ų did right here….keep it up and I promise you’d be in higher grounds…

  3. fresh Moore says:

    You are a calm lady with a heart so soft I wonder if its taken.
    Your words carry passion and sincerity and that builds a home better. This is wonderful: don’t stop writing.
    F. Moore.

  4. joy says:

    You still have us five o… *smile lol.. Nice one there sis.

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