If you’ve got it,hold it.








Someone told me a story a while ago,i thought it was a good  one but I didn’t give it much thought until recently when i lost my dad.

A man’s his wife died during childbirth and he was left alone to take care of their daughter,he vowed never to remarry  but to take care of her for the rest of his life.It was a hard decision,he faced many challenges as is the case with most single parents but he never gave up.The years went by and the girl grew to be a very beautiful young lady.

The man at this time wanted to celebrate his birthday anniversary and his daughter wanted to do something spectacular for her loving father,who sacrificed so much for her.She decided to knit her father a special woollen sweater  to express how much she loved him and as a result the time she usually spent with her father when she returned from work she began to spend alone locked in her room knitting this special sweater.Her father would knock on her door and say “my baby please come out lets spend time together” and she will tell him she was busy that they will spend time together later but it never happened because she wanted the sweater to be perfect.She spent more time making the sweater and less time with her father.This got her father so worried that he became depressed  but she was too busy to notice.

When the day finally came,she woke up very early,she had wrapped the sweater in a special gift wrapper and she went to his room to present the special gift to him but she found him looking very sad and depressed but she thought her gift would definitely cheer him up.Feeling very pleased with herself she presented the sweater to him.The man collected the sweater and thanked her for it.He asked her where she got it and she told him it was what she had been doing all the time she spent locked in her room.

On hearing this,her father busted into tears and asked”is this the reason you’ve kept away from me all this time?”She was shocked and began to explain how that she wanted it  to be a surprise and special because of her love for him.But to her surprise,her father replied “your presence is more important to me than your present”………

Why is that we take for granted the importance of our presence to people we love and those that love us?Often times people substitute love for material things thinking that it will bring happiness but in the long run they are dissatisfied and unhappy even with all the money they have. A  lot of people will gladly give anything to have loved ones who have died back in their lives but alas its too late.Sometimes love is not all about giving alone but its also about sharing.

Access people give you into their lives is a gift never take it for granted,cherish the time you spend with loved ones now,no matter how annoying they may seem because a time will come when that would no longer be around to annoy or disturb you.

My father was not the richest man on earth but he made sure he was there for my siblings and I  in any way we needed him,when he couldn’t,he would do everything within his power to make  his presence felt even in his absence.There were times we thought him a nuisance because of this and tried to keep away but he noticed and begged us never to run away but that we should see him as our father and best friend and he was the best friend to all of us was even till the day he breathed his last.I love my father dearly but he’s gone and no matter how hard i wish,he can never  come back.There are a lot of things i wish i had said,a lot i wish i hadn’t and  a whole lot i wish i had done.Now its too late i would never have that opportunity again.

Let us not substitute  love with things or money,no man is an island we are relational beings even God said……. “it is not good for man to be alone”…..

Appreciate the people God has put in your life now,there  is a reason why they are in your life both the good,the bad and the nasty

.Love unconditionally,love God,yourself and others.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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5 Responses to If you’ve got it,hold it.

  1. Fiyinfolu Oluwatoyinbo says:

    Good one Seun

  2. Toyin Ajet says:

    A big lesson for those of us who isolate ourselves all in the pursuit of success. Nothing can replace the relationships we fail to build & the time we fail to share.

  3. Deniz Dakutu says:

    Well crafted,I feel your naration skills,keep it up and God bless.

  4. joy says:

    *huggsssss* fnks a bunch

  5. arhyur Doherty says:

    Seun Owope…I don’t know how I stumbled upon this article…. Thanks for sharing…..We shall talk the remaining behind closed doors…lol…

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