Just Kidding….


My nephew likes watching the Leapfrog series an educational cartoon about a little frog named Tad and his family and how they go on a journey of learning,alphabets,words,their pronunciations and numbers with the help of Prof Quigley. It is sure fun learning for Dave as he always sings along,dances to the songs and even knows most of the lines in the film.Dave is sure a genius and of course it runs in the family,btw. Thanks to Dave,i know almost all the songs and lines too,you really don’t have a choice when a 2yr old wants to watch his cartoon and you wanna watch BET or 1G,go figure.

So this beautiful day,we were watching Leapfrog as usual and Prof Quigley was trying to teach Tad how to pronounce the letter A.He took him to a room full of A’s, left him there and snuck out to wear a monster costume. Prof Quigley in the monster costume then ran into the room screaming “woga,woga,woga”, Tad and the other letter A’s screamed “Aaaaaaaah”…but my little nephew(God bless his heart) screamed “yeeeeh” and that got me laughing hilariously.

Then it occurred to me,as a Nigerian,when you are scared what do you say?
No matter how much we try to copy the ‘oyinbo’s,be sophisticated and speak “fonee” our mother tongue will always reflect in our speech even if you studied English in the university like i did. Reminds me of the movie “Jenifa” when she said “yeeeh” instead of “ouch”.
A yoruba person when scared will say words like “yeeeh,ori iya mi o,mo ku,mo gbe,mo da ran” etc.
The Igbo person might say words like “ele,Chineke meh,etc”
The Hausa person might say “kai,wa yo allah etc”
I hope I didn’t murder the languages,forgive me if i did,am just trying to share my thoughts,you can let me know yours by comments,see ya,catch ya,lerra.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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5 Responses to Just Kidding….

  1. opeblaq says:

    Like seriously, we try so HARD to copy copy oyinbo dem… Can’t we just be our normal ‘yorubaish’/’hausaish’/’igboish’ self? Just kidding. Heheheheheh. Well written Jesuseun.

  2. blazon says:

    plenty laughter

  3. obafunshoalalade says:

    nice write up

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