Sometimes I wonder and imagine,

What i would do if before me your face emerges.

I wonder what i would say,

If in your presence i can forever stay.

I ask how,how would i love on you,

And how Father,how would i thank you too?

When i see your nail scarred hands,

Will I weep and fall into your arms?

When i see your feet,

I will bow down,kiss them and worship.

When i see your sides,

I would be in total awe,

Yet i hear you ask,

“When you see me face to face,what will you say?”

I would give all,let go

Surrender and let show

All my love,praise and worship

Forget all my aches,pain and hardship

I would go all the way

I would run out of words to say

I could sing of your love forever

I could tell of how great you are.

Nothing i would say would be enough

Nothing I could think of would sum it all up.

Yet i can still hear you ask,

“When you see me face to face,what will you say?”.

In the beauty of  your holiness

Filled with the splendor of your presence.

I would go weak gazing at your beauty

I would faint seeing your bounty.

I feel so helpless trying to find expression for my joy.

You are wonderful Jesus,so beautiful

The works of your hands it beats me,

Torrents of your praise flow through me

Full of awe,i worship.

My vocabulary fails me,

My literary expertise i fear has left me

Needless to say i’m speechless

Nothing more to write so wordless.

Oh Jesus,when I see you face to face

I would forever stay in that place

Unrestrained i’d love you

Unrestrained i’d worship you

For now I can only imagine

What i will say when your face before me emerges.



About jesuseun

I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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One Response to UNRESTRAINED…

  1. titi says:

    This is a beautiful writeup seun.

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