We are crazy about a lot of things and SOME people, I know a lot of girls that are crazy about shoes accessories,clothes etc,actually we girls are crazy about a lot of things that’s why we are girls.  4b7036930e20fd8cbf9695abe2bebec8a1af8501_600

My focus here is on food. Yes I said FOOD (what did you think i was gonna say,lol)…It is largely believed that the way to a man’s heart  is his belly i.e giving him well prepared home-made meals not indomie and snacks,yeah ladies if you don’t know how to cook and you are above 20, O.Y.O is your case. Wonder what the way to a woman’s heart is though.


Everyone loves to eat,even we ladies who eat little to watch our height,weight,waist,belly,thighs *phew*…etc (the list is endless,may God save us).

images (1)

Truth is we all have to eat whether we are on a diet or not lets just make sure we eat right. So in the spirit of living healthy and eating right am gonna reveal my craving to you…(1, 2, 3, 4…..)                                          APPLES,APPLES, fresh green (sometimes with a touch of red) APPLES…


How do i begin to explain to you the pleasant feeling an apple gives. Is it the crunchy sound it makes when you bite into it or the sweetness of its juice that spills into your mouth as you chew or the pleasant after taste it leaves in your mouth after you have swallowed it,y’all just can’t understand (sighs)…

The good thing is that at least i have a good craving that is a healthy before some aproko people will say am jobless,whatever *askor*. The most important thing above all is that you eat good,avoid junk food,exercise if possible (i keep telling myself that) and love yourself which includes your body in whatever form it is,you beautyfully(yes the spelling is intentional) and wonderfully made in the image of your God,daz all.

So y’all can share some of your FOOD cravings with me in the comment section,till the next i remember i have a blog,remember “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”… Whoever said this is a genius,cheers.

*runs out to buy more apples*.


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7 Responses to MY CRAVINGS….

  1. Femi says:

    Lol. Cool post. Hilarious. My food craving? Boiled chicken or turkey. Hot! *ATM*

  2. jesuseun says:

    Thanks Femi,thank God u said *atm*,lol.

  3. @abiodunodunuga: @moneycals Beautiful piece dear! Only that I have issues convincing an average chap to buy 3apples for N150 when Mamaput gives more…lol

  4. Oranges……..and definitely MANGO’S. Just painful that Mango is a seasonal fruit. 😦

  5. motunrayo omotosho says:

    Na watermelon ooo. Food na rice.rice and another rice. D biggest craving I av is SHOES. Not craving bur crazyING.

  6. omokehinde says:

    Perhaps…. We should name you after our great ancestral mother-EVE.#thatsall
    My latest addiction is smoothies!!! but the thing cost sha and e dey small!!

  7. taiwo says:

    the picture with the difference between guy and lady is just hilarious. my own latest food cravings is big nicely spiced chicken at least bigger than the one I get to eat at work. I love apples too sha.

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