At this point all he could think of was death. He was in so much pain, pain that was indescribable and inhuman.36 From his head to his toes every nerve in his body screamed in excruciating pain. He wanted it all to end,his skin was in shreds, blood dripped from every part of him. He was naked and cold, the cold wind whipped at his wounds, he wanted to just close his eyes and surrender to the cold arms of death who had been laughing scornfully in his face taunting and waiting for him to give up.

Whilst death was having a swell time, he heard the voice of his people mocking him, his people yes the very ones he loved so dearly and worked tirelessly day and night for. He wondered where and how he had gone wrong, how had he failed them and why they had suddenly turned their backs against him. Well maybe not all but most of them. One thing however that made every fiber of him hurt more than the pain he was feeling was that his Father who he loved wholeheartedly and always sought to please had turned his back on him, leaving him to suffer so cruelly and mercilessly. His Father had wanted someone to make an atoning sacrifice to save his people from the cruelty of their enemies but no one was willing to go and he seeing how much pain it caused his Father when he saw his people suffered had decided to go save his people. His Father wasn’t very pleased with his decision but he had promised to bless him, give him power and authority over all his kingdom and beyond if his mission was successful.

He knew what he had to do but he never knew he would feel so rejected, betrayed and alone. He cried to his Father one last time in desperation perhaps he would hear him and look at him but he got no answer only more taunts from his people. He was tired, torn and worn out. He looked at his killers, his people oh how he loved them, looking at them he told his Father to forgive their ignorance for they didn’t know they were killing the one who was sent to save them.

Writhing in pain, he looked around and his eyes fell on his Mother and his best friend standing beside her, his eyes filled with fresh tears as he told his friend “take care of her as if she were your Mother” and he told his Mother “he is now your son” .

After he had said these things, he looked at his people, his Mother and friend’s tear stained face and his Father’s back and in a loud voice cried out “IT IS FINISHED”  then he surrendered to the waiting arms of death.


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2 Responses to INDESCRIBABLE…

  1. Reading this great piece kept me thinking ;

    “Could we ever be able to describe what was going through in His mind? Making a decision out of the Pain or out of His LOVE? But LOVE was it all, once and for all. The bible says, He endured the Cross, for the GLORY that should follow. That is why we all STAND today. Such a LOVE is certainly INDESCRIBABLE.

    Well done Jesuseun!

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