To my unborn child…

So I listened to Banky W’s song about his unborn child (wonder when he will finally get married tho,lol),really cool song that made me think about my unborn children too.
Some of us look forward to getting married and having kids someday (yes in that particular order). We want to give our kids the best of everything to the best of our abilities and power, we don’t want them to suffer or go through half of the stuff we experienced in our childhood. So to my unborn child I write this letter…

Hey baby,

             From the moment i become aware of your existence, i will love you and can’t wait to hold you in my arms.When I finally meet you,my joy would be endless and my love boundless,watching you grow would always leave me in awe of God’s love for me by giving you as an awesome gift to me. I promise to love you and be there for you. I promise to give you the best according to the capacity and grace God would give your Father and I. I promise to show you the path of truth in God and pray you never ever depart from it as life itself has many troubles but with the knowledge of Christ as your source and anchor, you will never be alone, forsaken or forgotten even long after your Father and I go home to be with God. I hope that your Father and i teach you true love and commitment through our love for God and each other. I promise to cover you with prayers till the day i breathe my last, I promise to look up to God the perfect example for living a purpose driven life as you look up to me on how to live.

I have promised you a lot baby and I hope to God he would give me the grace to fulfill them and a lot more but I also got to tell you,  I promise to make sure you are disciplined and principled. Even the bible the greatest manual for living said “Spare the rod and spoil the child”…  I don’t believe in spoiling children so trust me darling I won’t spoil you senseless but sensibly. Of course i won’t kill you with spanking or too much punishment but i would make sure the adequate punishment or spanking is given when necessary. Growing up I learnt to understand instructions and certain things by getting certain looks from my Mum (actually i didn’t have a choice, lol) we gon be cool like that baby, one look should say it all. Don’t worry baby I would be a very tush Mum and try (na try I talk oh), I would try not too embarrass you too often in front of your friends. I promise we would be the coolest and bestest of friends but make no mistake I won’t tolerate nasty attitudes, complaining, grumbling, talking back or shouting at me. Bone all those stuffs u watch in all those Oyinbo movies, if you try it with me, na manual reset u go get so you remember who the parent is.

That being said never forget that I would always,always love you my baby, as you grow and go through life know that i will always be there and look out for you as much as possible.

One more thing I gotta tell you, no matter how tall,short, fat or thin you grow to be, even if you become the president of the whole world or even become a grandparent, know that you will always, always and forever be my baby.

Love you more,

Your Mummy.


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2 Responses to To my unborn child…

  1. Earl Alright says:

    Great, although I usually don’t fail in making commitments like this to my (future) wife and kids weekly, i am more determined to do this. God bless

  2. jesuseun says:

    Thats good Earl right pls keep your commitments and may God help you. Thanks for the comment

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