He was instructed not to go but he insisted on going,on his way his donkey stopped abruptly, it had seen the angel but he did’n’t. Everything he did to make it move proved abortive. He prodded, coaxed and begged but it refused to move.The donkey turned,drawing a beating from him.The second time the animal saw the angel,it pressed against a wall, crushing his foot.Again he beat the donkey. The third time the donkey saw the lay down under him,then he beat it severely with his staff.









I know some of us might remember the story of the donkey and Balaam at least those of us that were attentive in Sunday school (lol) or that have read Numbers 22 in recent times. He was told not to go and curse the Israelites but his greed made him disobey. How many times have we been instructed not to do something but we deliberately disobey and face the consequences of our disobedience. We need to start listening to the donkey’s voice of caution.

That moment when you were just about to enter that place you know you weren’t supposed to be and you were unceremoniously ushered out, that was the donkey speaking…

Remember when you disobeyed that prompting in your spirit and still entered that bus because you were in a hurry then you had to go buy something and you got back to the bus to see someone else had taken your space and refused to leave,even insulted you too. That was the donkey speaking…

That person you are not supposed to be dating but you think you can change? He has slapped you once now, almost did last night too but you dodged it, Girl that’s the donkey speaking…

The voice of the donkey can also be called God’s way of keeping us on track,like a GPS system,lol. When God has tried to stop us from going down a path or doing something that would harm or destroy us and we have refused to listen, then he sets thing in motion to help us get back on track…. “He works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasure”….. “He causes all things to work together for our good”… both the good,bad and ugly. The donkey’s voice is God’s voice of caution to keep us from evil and harm when we are deliberately disobeying him or not sensitive to his promptings.

But here’s the thing,what happens when God has tried to stop of us from doing that thing,going to that place or dating that person and we still insist on going our way?  There’s little or nothing he can do but I pray we are not too stubborn for our own good.


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  1. This Kept me thinking of how God Loves us so much that He can use just anything to help us get out of Danger and trouble. But the truth still remains that the best way God leads His Children is through their Spirit, when in-tune with Gods Spirit. Different Stories of such has emerged, of supernatural deliverance, and I am made to pay close watch on occurrences which indicates that God will use one’s passion for him to help out of impending Danger. Obedience here, play a key and vital part!

    But in all, we as Children of God has a responsibility to train our Spirit to hear God Spirit Lead us, and when we hear……..we OBEY!


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