Women love to be lied to ?!!!

Here I am stuck in traffic as usual and thinking if it is remotely possible for Lagos to be traffic free. That’s probably a far fetched dream considering how densely populated Lagos is and how impatient road users are. Plus most people disobey traffic rules except there is a traffic warden around. You don’t even want me to get started on Danfo a.k.a Yankee bravo drivers,truck and trailer drivers.

Well since there was nothing i could do to change my situation, i decided to check twitter to see what was trending and what people were talking about. I find twitter quite fascinating because people share their feelings, thoughts, frustrations, etc.

So here I am reading tweets and there’s one trending #whenamanlovesawoman. I became fascinated and decided to follow the trend to see what people had to say. There were many things said but one that got my attention read :-

“#whenamanlovesawoman, he doesn’t lie to her”

I thought he was correct,then i saw the replies. One particular one said ;  “women love to be lied to”……..

Now isn’t this something. I read other replies from other guys and most of them supported the fact that women love to hear lies. Now the question is,how true is this?

I don’t know of anyone individual regardless of gender who loves being lied to. When you discover you’ve been lied to it makes you feel cheated, hurt, angry and taken for granted and in some cases makes you look stupid. Lying to someone is telling them they are not worth your truth, time, honesty and reality. The only reason why you may think a person enjoys being lied to could be :

  1. They are not aware they are being lied to.
  2. They might be enjoying some favor and in most cases some sort of financial or emotional security that they are not willing to lose or let go of.
  3. Low self esteem
  4. Insecurities.

The list is endless. My Father (God bless his soul) used to say …”If everyone is lying and deceiving you, never lie or deceive yourself”… First thing is always be true to who you are because the way you present yourself to people is how they will accept and consequently treat and relate with you. I read a caption that said ;

“be yourself everyone else is taken”

Ladies, the only reason a man would lie to you is if he knows he can and he will get away with it. Respect yourself, know your worth and carry yourself with grace and poise. If you don’t respect you,no one will and that’s the truth. My Mother always says this adage;

“it is the animal that will show the hunter how it should be caught and eventually killed”…

“They say the way you dress is the way you would be addressed” and I add the way you present and carry yourself will determine how you will be treated. Girl, stop allowing that guy lie to you. Stop allowing life lie to you, you are worth more than they think or see. Begin to take steps to continue your education or start your business or whatever your dream is. Just do it because you can, don’t let nobody continue to disrespect and lie you.

That being said I believe when a man claims to love a woman,he should be truthful, honest and open with her, because that shows you respect her and yourself. If she don’t want your truth, look for somebody else who will appreciate your honesty and truth. What you allow or accept get ready to tolerate.

In conclusion, they say there are no more good girls out there,I ask; “where have you been looking?, Who made the girls bad? A guy meets a lady,they exchange numbers or BB pin and they start chatting they next thing you hear is “send me a nude picture”….. Ladies are not excusable but how do you expect to meet and eventually marry a good girl when you keep disrespecting the ones you meet?

I also hear Ladies say “there are no good men left”…. but then you just met a guy and in 3 days or  less you have slept with him or you turn him guy to an ATM machine and you think he won’t disrespect you?

The truth is you will attract who you are whether you like it or not. Change your perspective, respect yourself and others will respond accordingly. Respect is reciprocal regardless of gender it makes us perceive and treat others better.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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2 Responses to Women love to be lied to ?!!!

  1. hmm great insight and very informative.

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