Fashionably uncomfortable?

Fashion is something everyone loves. We like to be seen as fashionable and wear the latest trends and all. This is very good,it is good to look good because when you do,you will feel good and your confidence will be boosted. As much i agree with being fashionable, looking good and following the trend, I also strongly believe in being comfortable.

Ladies,seriously what is the essence of looking fashionable but uncomfortable? There is no class in that. Why wear a dress that exposes your body in such a way that you can’t sit well or walk right because you have to keep pulling your dress down to keep your privates “private”.


There is nothing classy about dressing trashy. The other day i saw a voluptuous lady wearing an off-shoulder clingy short dress, she was trying to cross the express but the hand of the dress kept falling off and she kept trying to pull the dress down to keep her big stretched mark ridden thighs covered. She was a hot mess.

It is not classy to wear what you are not comfortable in even if it is trendy. Trendy and classy are two different things. I would rather be comfortable and classy than be trendy and trashy. They say the way you dress is the way you will be addressed and that’s very true.As a Lady, certain men will not approach you when they see how you dress and carry yourself so if you think you keep attracting certain types of guys then truthfully look at yourself. Be yourself, be classy and be comfortable in what you wear because above all that’s the essence of fashion.


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2 Responses to Fashionably uncomfortable?

  1. inkstinct says:

    Hot mess…hahahaha

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