He danced vigorously in the crowd happy that finally the ark was coming to Israel where it rightfully belonged.Just ahead of the crowd and the ark,he could see The King dancing with careless abandon,some girls beside Obed were giggling and pointing to the King whose clothes had completely fallen off him leaving him with his undergarments alone.The Kings aides frustrated from trying to cover him up and restore his dignity as King had left him and kept looking at him nervously like they would be punished for allowing the King to go half-naked in public.
The King was so overwhelmed with joy that the Ark was returning ,Obed said to himself,”if the King can be dancing without abandon to praise God then what am I thinking”; Obed then began to dance with so much fervor and frenzy praising God with all his heart that for a moment people forgot about the half-naked King and stared at Obed.

Davidarkfr38 (2)

Now while The King danced and all the festivities continued,accompanying the ark was Uzzah the Son of Abinadab the priest.The ark had been in their house because they were levites so Uzzah was used to seeing it there and always wondered what the big deal about the big wooden box was about.As far as Uzzah was concerned it was an ordinary old wooden box,with a few relics in it.He walked beside almost bored and angry that his Father had insisted that he escort the ark to the temple and not allowed him at least have his breakfast.He couldn’t wait for all the festivities to end so he could go back and eat.At the thought of food,his stomach grumbled about its unusual state of emptiness,he would usually have his breakfast before sun-up and it was midday already.”If only the King would stop all this madness so the ark could get to the temple faster” thought Uzzah. He was so hungry that his stomach rumbled again but only this time it wasn’t only his stomach that rumbled,the ark had hit a big stone and almost toppled over and Uzzah instinctively put out his hand to stabilize it whilst angrily he thought “am so hungry,i don’t have time for this wooden box falling down now” and that was the last thought that crossed his mind as he slumped dead.


The whole procession came to a stop as a piercing scream was heard. Startled,King David turned back to find out the problem and was told that Uzzah the son of Abinadab had slumped.When David got to Uzzah’s body,he looked at his lifeless form,bent down to check his pulse and was shocked to discover that Uzzah was indeed dead.

David was amazed,how God could kill a man even while he was doing all to please him,David became very afraid and angry. He was afraid because he loved the peole a lot and didnt want anyone to die again but he was also angry because God had killed a man and not just any man but the Son of a priest,a Levite. David then decided that he couldn’t take the ark any further. King David was confused and thought aloud ;”where would I keep the ark? “, then he decided to ask the people where the ark could be kept safe till they could carry back to Israel. As soon as he uttered these words,he noticed the people around him begin to look and back away then he realized they were as afraid as he was, he didn’t blame them,he couldn’t. Who would want a ark that just killed a Levite come into his house.

Then Obed spoke “O King live forever,let the ark be put in my house as i stay in this area and i believe the ark carrying the Most high God would do me no harm”… As soon as the words left Obed’s mouth, he heard his wife scream and faint and he heard his kids begin to whimper in fear. David asked if he meant what he said he did then the ark was taken to his house. Obed wasn’t afraid,he knew the Most high God,his Father had told him of the great wonders God did in bringing the Children of Israel out of Egypt,so he wasn’t afraid. He only loved revered God and had led his family to do the same, they were only scared because hey had seen God’s hand on Uzzah. Obed knew everything was going to be alright,they Ark would be in his home for as long as it could be it only meant to him that God was right in his home.

3 months later, King David got reports that God had prospered Obed-Edom and his entire household because of the Ark of God in his house. So David thought, “I’ll get that blessing for myself also,” and went and brought up the Ark of God from the house of Obed-Edom to Israel.


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