Keep Breathing, I AIN’T DONE YET….

I know they say Life is in seasons but some seasons last just too darn long like one of those very interesting movies we watched back in the days that were broken into weekly series and you had to endure the painful torture they call suspense e.g, “The rich also cry”, “Passions”,( but I never finished it *sighs*) etc. Anyway you get my point. Really it feels like the difficult seasons seem to last the longest,like it will never end. Yeah I know all about hope,faith and love but lets just say I want to rant.

I know we go through stuff for a reason and as Christians we are at a greater advantage because we have our Father on our side and we win always and also because the number of our challenges are the number of our victories. What I want to talk about is the way certain individuals treat you in a season of your life, they think that where you are at now is all there is about you. They treat you like you are worthless and couldn’t possibly amount to much.  A songwriter said “Thank God say man no be God” translated “Thank God that man is not God”….

Out of a season of my life I learnt never to expect people to do good to me because I did good to them, this is hard but true,ask Jesus, He came to die for people that rejected him and still do. Out of another I have learnt that not everyone can be your friend for life and family is not always blood. In all I am grateful for all the seasons I have been through and going through but I wont allow anyone put me down for it.You shouldn’t too.

If they cant see that you are improving and not where you used to be that’s their problem it only shows they are myopic you keep doing you and improving on you, (pro 4:18). They cant see what God sees in you and what he sees and says about you is much more important than what any individual thinks or says.

That being said, I will continue my ranting some other day.

I’d like to condemn and criticise our government too but enough people are doing that already and doing a great job of it. I want to implore us to please let us pray for our country and do our part in building her up because apparently our leaders cant do it alone and are not doing a very good job

May the souls of the innocent children,men and women lost in Yobe and Borno and the countless, faceless and nameless others who die because of carelessness and corruption rest in peace. God bless Nigeria.



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4 Responses to Keep Breathing, I AIN’T DONE YET….

  1. inkstinct says:

    family isn’t always blood; blood isn’t always family.

  2. Thanks for the like.

  3. jesuseun says:

    Thank you for the like as well.

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