At this point, all he could think of was death. He was in so much pain, pain that was inhuman and indescribable. From his head to his toe, every nerve in his body screamed in excruciating pain. He wanted it all to end; his skin was in shreds, pieces of flesh hanging off him, blood dripping from every part of him whilst the cold wind licked his wounds because he was naked sprung out and helpless. Though his eyes were almost swollen shut and he could barely see anything, he wanted to close his eyes, die and surrender to the waiting hands of death laughing scornfully in his face, waiting for him to give up.

Whilst death was having a swell time, gloating and waiting, he heard the voice of his people still mocking him; the people he loved so dearly, his people that he worked tirelessly for to make them have and enjoy a better life. He wondered where he had gone wrong and how he had failed them. They had suddenly turned their backs against him, well not all of them but most.  Though the betrayal of his people hurt him, what hurt him most to the very core of his being, even more than the pain he felt was his Father’s rejection.

His Father who he loved more than life itself, whom he sought to, please all the time, from who he had never, ever been separated from, that Father now had his back turned against him causing him immeasurable pain. His Father the King had wanted someone to save his people and no one, not one person, not even the so-called loyalists were willing to go even though the  King had promised to give the person power and authority over all his kingdom. He had chosen to go out of his love for his people, He knew he would have a lot to do and go through but he never knew it would cost him so much and that he would be so alone separated from his Father. In one last attempt he cried out to his Father in despair but he got no answers only his Father’s cold stone back and more taunts from his people. He was tired and was ready to give up. He looked at his people and forgave them, they didn’t understand their actions but he still loved and wanted to save them.

Writhing in pain, he looked around and his eyes fell on his Mother where she stood with his best friend watching in agony and helplessness looking at her only son and wishing she could hold him in her arms one more time and make all the pain go away like she used to do when he was a little boy. With tears in his swollen eyes or what was left of them, he looked at his best friend and told him to take care of his Mother, and told his Mother his best friend was now her son and would take care of her.

After he had said this, he looked at his people, looked at his Father’s turned back, his Mother’s tearstained face, his best friend and whispered to the winds, “IT IS FINISHED”, and then surrendered to the waiting arms of death.


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