The on-going project of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway is a welcome development that has been a long time coming, but reports of trucks and heavy duty trailers carrying containers, fruits, consignments, petro-chemical products etc, falling on the Lagos/Ibadan expressway is something that seems to have increased in the last few weeks.

Inevitably they have caused a lot of traffic and deaths because sometimes the ones carrying containers are not properly placed resulting in them falling off on unsuspecting cars driving too close to them or pedestrians going about their businesses. This is just appalling and sad. Whenever a trailer or truck is involved in an accident it is always terrible and gory.


Personally I wish they can be restricted to move at certain times of the day, for instance during the night but that didn’t work in the past for some reasons. In times like this of insecurity and uncertainties, people should be careful while driving and be alert. Also people should not drive too close to trailers especially the heavy duty ones carrying containers or petro-chemical products. This might not solve the problems they cause on Lagos/Ibadan expressway but being careful and alert could prevent certain deaths and mishaps. May God have mercy on us.


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  1. Nice one Seun.
    Specific areas between Redemption camp and Berger to watch out for are:
    (Route to Lagos)
    1. Redeem Car Pack C
    2. Lotto Bus-stop
    3. Deeper Life Bus-stop
    4. Ibafo
    5. Arepo
    6. Some spots on the Long Bridge.

    Safe trip 😀

  2. jesuseun says:

    Oh alright, thank you so much 🙂

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