“Oh my God, what do I do, how would do I do this?”……..

I mumbled this question repeatedly in my head, I did it so much it became audible mutterings so that my colleague sitting beside me could hear and was wondering “what’s wrong with this one now?” giving me one of his usual cynical looks, he shakes his head and looks away.

The reason I was so bewildered and flustered was this; My company had just relocated to this new place and this was a good thing right? Proximity to my house, spend less on transportation, no more crossing the express ,more office space and of cause work area.  Another advantage of the relocation was we now had 2 different toilets, one for the ladies and the other for the guys, this fact alone brought me bliss because in our former office being the only female at the time, I had to share 1 toilet with about 10 men, yeah just imagine. So the relocation was a good thing except that at a point, we all had to make a certain presentation but the question was; who would bell the cat?

Who would bell the cat, who would make their presentation first and do it so excellently well?  The thing is you can’t afford to make a bad presentation because you stand the chance of becoming the brunt of office jokes forever. My colleagues are brutal when it comes to teasing each other, so before you say or do anything, you weigh it thoroughly.  Having this in mind, I figured I was totally in control and confident that i would not present first or so I thought until I was notified suddenly to make my presentation.

Here I am wondering sadly why me, but knowing I didn’t have a choice i had to make the presentation anyway it was inevitable. So,heart beating wildly, sweating bullets and knees buckling, I rise slowly and begin to walk, taking slow steps as all eyes are on me towards the toilet. Like seriously what’s a girl got to do to use the toilet which is situated right in the front of the whole office so that every sound you make, every flush is heard by all, please tell me?!!!


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4 Responses to THE PRESENTATION.

  1. opeblaq says:

    Lol! Such suspense… Held me spell-bound. Was thinking of Ms-Powerpoint presentation wallahi not knowing it was the other “presentation” LWKMD. Very well written. A good stress reliever and ice-breaker… Looking forward to more….

  2. jesuseun says:

    Lol abi na @Nuru na real presentation… tnx

  3. Evans says:

    Nice, take ur phone in there and play a song at max volume while hoping the sound does not outshine the music.

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