One afternoon at work…

A question came up at work that caused a heated argument that lasted for about 30mins. It wasn’t about politics, religion or money; it was about making a life changing decision in a split second. You are wondering what the question is?  Well, here it goes;

Imagine you are on your way to work at about 6:30am, driving say at 80kmph, enjoying the cool morning breeze and listening to some cool music and all of a sudden, you see this man or woman run into the express, trying to cross the road instead of making use of the pedestrian bridge, would you suddenly slam your brakes so you don’t hit them? Considering the fact that there are other cars or trucks coming behind you who could slam into your car, resulting in a serious accident and probable loss of lives or would you rather hit the person crossing the express and save other lives and properties?


Either way it’s an argument of life. Whose life should be saved, yours and others behind you or the person who disobeyed the traffic laws and refused to use the pedestrian bridge?

Now that’s tough but no one deserves to be put in such a tough spot if only we obey the traffic laws. If we use the pedestrian bridges then there would be a drastic reduction in the number of lives lost every day on the road. I have seen corpses of people hit right beside the pedestrian bridge and it’s just sad, I keep thinking, only if they had taken the bridge, they would still be alive.

Another thing is that some of these bridges are not in good shape and look like they could cave in at any moment; some are always dirty and smelly because people defecate on them like the one at Ketu. All this could be discourage people from using the pedestrian bridges.


There are also some places that need a pedestrian bridge like Berger bus stop on the Lag/Ib expressway, with the high influx of cars going in and out of Lagos, crossing that road is always a nightmare.

All in all please where the pedestrian bridges are good, please lets endeavor to use them, don’t waste your life and other lives, Life really does have no duplicate neither does body parts that’s if you don’t die.


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2 Responses to One afternoon at work…

  1. A.J says:

    Places on the lekki Ajah road too need pedestrian bridges. (Places like, ilasan, egbo efon/chevron, ikota, ajah).

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