“Nigeria we hail thee

our own dear native land,

though tribes and tongues may differ,

In unity we stand”…

This is my first post this year and i guess i should say, Happy new year and I am sorry for being away for so long and i promise to be better this year, guess March is not really a bad time to get started on one of resolutions for the year, lol.

The last few months in Nigeria have been full of all kinds of drama and political brouhaha because of the just concluded presidential elections and upcoming gubernatorial elections. Nigerians made history over the weekend because we came out en-mass to vote for political candidates of our different choices. Though opinions and choices are different, we still voted peacefully,orderly and in most places despite the logistic challenges, we were patient. Watching Nigerians united for a cause other than football was indeed a beautiful thing, the young, old,frail,sick, physically challenged and so on, everyone who wanted a better Nigeria came out to vote and it was great.

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We are first Nigerians before we are Yoruba,Hausa or Ibo and definitely before we are members of any political party,we have performed our civic duties and exercised our electoral rights, please let us then accept the results and if some people are not satisfied with whatever the results are, go to court and fight legally not shed blood. Let us in the spirit of unity,not allow any form of violence, strife or shedding of innocent blood. The blood of the innocent that have been shed in the past and those that died during the elections should not be in vain. Let us not allow one man, whose family is safely tucked away somewhere out of the country instigate us to fight and kill for him, he won’t lose his life either because he would be far away from anywhere there is fighting and well guarded by security operatives.

As we await the final results of the presidential elections and go on to vote at the gubernatorial polls,let us remember the world is watching us and some are waiting to hear about civil war break out in Nigeria or our country falling into pieces, God forbid. Let us be wise and allow peace reign in our land, LET NIGERIANS BE THE REAL WINNERS NOT JUST A POLITICAL CANDIDATE. Nigeria is blessed, it is well with her, Amen.


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