One size fits all ?!!

So many times I have seen this written on a blouse, top, shirt or dress “one size fits all” and most times unfortunately i believed it. Who remembers those packed panties they used to sell back in the day with the deadly “one size fits all” written on them? yeah i bought one of those back in the University and it had 12 pieces in it. I wore one and it tore immediately and no, it had nothing to do with whether i am endowed or not, that argument is invalid.

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Lies,lies,and more lies, “one size fits all” must be some kind of marketing strategy that makes you think that though a dress looks like a size 8 and you are a size 18, it would automatically fit; one size fits all doesn’t mean it will fit even if its on sale. After you wore the dress, all of us began to see all of you and I know you think it is a pretty sexy sight you portray but it isn’t, girl the dress got you looking like the Michelin tire mascot with your muffin top and all hanging out. You are wearing a dress that is 6 sizes below your actual dress size,it is short and you are uncomfortable and cranky, plus you are wearing heels. Why wear a dress that is trendy but uncomfortable for you, why waste money, time, effort and dignity trying to look hip? It doesn’t make sense to me. Ladies please wear what suits you, your body shape and size. If you don’t like your size, work on it, be deliberate about it, eat healthy and exercise. Above all, be grateful for the body you have, I have a friend who is a size 4 and would give anything to become a size 12, yeah, you heard right size 12, and she has done a lot just to add weight while I, on the other hand would give anything to have her waist, lol.

Looking classy and beautiful is not really about wearing expensive clothes but wear your correct clothe size, it would make your comfortable and boost your confidence and lastly please Ladies, just because a dress is made in your size does not also mean you should wear it. #enoughsaid #okbye.


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6 Responses to One size fits all ?!!

  1. Gloria Abimbola says:

    Preach it girl!!! I love this…

  2. Exactly,correctly said.

  3. Hermazing says:

    As someone that has been struggling between size 8 and 10, I understand that I just have to accept where I am. While the struggle might not seem significant to someone else, to me, I could think and analyse all day. Then I came to this conclusion: If we go by our minds we would almost want to feel like somebody else, but if we check inside and see the beauty within we would have the courage to accept ourselves and love our features

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