She had fallen, and this time she knew it was the hardest. She had fallen into a big trap and she was leg deep in it so she could not move or release herself from the trap. She was tired and weak and had lost her sword and shield when she had wandered from the camp and gotten lost. She should have listened to the instructions of the General, now she was paying for her carelessness. Again she made a  feeble attempt at crying for help, her throat was already parched from crying and screaming so much yet help was not in sight ;“If only someone would notice my absence at the camp and come looking for me “She thought.  “Help, somebody please help me, anybody, please just help me get of this mess”… she cried out as fresh tears streamed down her swollen and battered face. Just then she looked up and saw them, hope surged in her heart as she realized someone had finally heard her desperate cries.

They saw her, well they had to because she was right in their way and hard not to notice. She reached out to them in desperation, “Help me out of this mess, please”…

The ones that didn’t ignore her talked down on her saying …“you were always full of yourself, now see what has become of you, you just never listen”… shaking their head in disdain, they walk away ignoring her pleas. Someone even tried to pull her out but after several attempts, gave up because the others insulted her for trying to help and she was deeply stuck, and she sure needed a lot of time and attention and yes she was filthy, very filthy.

He had been hit, and judging by the protruding arrow in his chest and the amount of blood he had lost, he knew that he didn’t have much time left especially with no help in sight. He felt such excruciating pain was beginning to feel numb, he had prayed for help countless times but still hoped against all odds that help would come and he could have a second chance at life. He hoped to live but then again he prayed that death would be swift and quick if he got no help, dying slowly and lonely was terrifying.

Soon enough, help came in the form of his brother; he sighed in relief and smiled weakly at his brother while reaching out to him. Looking up at his brother walking towards him, he saw something that made a chill run down his spine. His brother’s eyes were cold and distant and he had a wicked smirk across his face. His brother looked down at him with such disgust, hate and hostility and in that moment, he knew he was dead to his brother because in one swift movement thrust he arrow deeper into his chest.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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