Annoying things in traffic.

Imagine you are going home at the end of a long business day; you are looking forward to a hot or cool bath, depending on your preference, a nice meal and sleep. You are tired, hungry and cranky; it can’t get worse than this right? Wrong, it can get terribly wrong, you ask why? One word, TRAFFIC.

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From this point everything can go wrong especially when you live in Lagos. If you drive your own car, you hope not to get robbed or hit by an impatient driver or a reckless danfo driver or get crushed by maniacs driving huge trailers with crates (containers) not properly secured on them (I sincerely detest trucks carrying huge crates). But if you are like me and you have to take public transport home, it is guaranteed your journey will be interesting because in Lagos traffic, there is never a dull moment. A number of interesting and annoying things always happen in public transport in Lagos but I would narrow down to just two things, we would talk about the others later.

  1. Chewing noisily: – How and why people do this is totally beyond me. I get that you are hungry, me too but why do I have to suffer the loud noise coming from your mouth as you munch on popcorn, chips or whatever it is you are eating. Instead of you to allow me endure the traffic in peace as I count the minutes till I get home, you want me to also endure noisy sounds from your mouth, please stop it before I pray for thunder to not fire you. If you are one of those that chew gum with ya mouth open while making popping sounds in between your tongue and teeth, ya sin is unpardonable by Amadioha. All I am saying is please be courteous, chew with ya mouth close, period!!!
  2. Mind ya own business: – There is great joy is minding your own business for real. We greeted each other the moment we entered the bus and that’s good enough,I put on my earphones which means I want to be left alone yet you pock and prod me with your elbows like you want me to join in your conversation but no I am not interested, thank you. I am not a snob; I am just tired and want to go home. I also caught you several times staring down at my phone (emphasis on “my”) reading my chat and just monitoring everything am doing. Are you a monitoring spirit, is your phone, is it your business? Learn to face ya front and mind ya own business, ya heard?!!

Okay so that’s all folks, I know some people would have been nodding their heads like (yes that’s true, good word) as they read this article. Please don’t enjoy it alone, share with others and share with me in the comment section, some of the things you find most annoying in traffic. Thank you.



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