The Running Man.

The elevator was taking forever so he decided to take the stairs, 4 steps at a time his long strides consumed the flight of stairs to the ground floor from the top floor of the 12 storey building.

“I have to see her right now”… he thought, that was all the motivation he needed to double his already fast pace. Oh No, he forgot he parked in the company’s car park which meant he couldn’t move his car until others moved theirs and time wasn’t a luxury so he ditched his car and took a cab. He told to cab driver…”Get me to Magodo phase II in the next 20mins and I will pay any amount you wish”. The cab driver didn’t even argue, with he huge grin on his face,he began calculating how much to charge this kind of big fish he just caught while also making a mental note to thank Baba Mulika, it seemed like the charm he gave him last night for good luck worked after all.

One more time, he wanted to look into her beautiful eyes, one more time he longed to touch her soft skin and hold her tight against him, just one more time he wanted to kiss her and tell her how much he loved her. He didn’t want her to ever forget him or doubt his love so if this every Tuesday dates was all he could get, he would maximize it fully. The cab driver, enthusiastic about making fast cash had in to time gotten him to Magodo but he could not enter because of the strict policy of cars having the approved residential stickers. He paid the cab driver and jumped out of the car, he didn’t even check how much he paid or asked for change but judging by the driver’s happy tone of gratitude, he knew he was satisfied with it. He jumped the long queue for bikes at the gate and told the rider to go as fast as possible amidst insults and curses from those on the queue, but he didn’t let it bother him, he needed to see her and they just could not understand his predicament.

He got to the gate and thankfully it was open so he went right in, running like a mad dog was on his heels. He should have been bothered about why Samir the “Maiguard” was not at is duty post but not today, he needed to see his baby immediately. He got to the door and knocked calmly the last thing he needed was trouble and all wanted was to enjoy his time with her. She opened the door and he greeted and walked right in, he was about to ask of her when he heard her screaming excitedly “Daddy, Daddy my Daddy is here”; She ran towards him and he picked her up and held her tight to his chest, he felt like his heart would burst with so much love and joy with her in his arms. Just right there with his  2 year old baby daughter in his lap as she touched his face and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek, time stood still and nothing else mattered but his baby girl. They enjoyed each others company and chatted for such a long time, although she did most of the talking because he couldn’t understand a word of her gibberish and could only pick certain words but they were music to his ears. When he finally put her to bed after dinner, bath time and bed time stories, he knew it was time to go home. He stared sadly at her as she slept and when his ex-wife came into the room he stood up and started to leave.He looked at his ex-wife sadly and asked the same questions in his heart every time he saw her, “Why couldn’t we make our marriage work?”, “Will our daughter know how much i love her or would she grow up thinking i abandoned her and her mother?”, “Would she know that its not her fault her parents marriage did not work?”; So many questions…

divorce concept family separation man woman and children separated by a chasm


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