Growing up in Naija – Parents Names.

So i decided to start a series titled “Growing up in naija”,it was inspired by the Secondary schools in Nigeria hashtag that trended for weeks. It brought back so many memories and i would like to remind us of some of them, so enjoy them and share your thoughts with me in the comments section.








A person’s name is an introduction to their identity and personality and would tell you a little about them before you interact with them. Recently, I had to fill a document which included writing my parents full names and after I was done I looked at the document and my Father’s name just seemed strange. It looked strange not because he passed on four years ago and i miss him terribly but because I have almost never used it before, I somehow felt like the person whose name was Peter (my dad’s name) is a stranger I had known all my life.

Writing out my Father’s name after his passing always made me see him in a different light, like there was more to him than we knew, not because he was an absentee Father, no he was excellent one but because I realized he was not just my Father but he was an individual with many sides. Growing up in Naija saying your  parents names earns you a dirty slap that would leave you awestruck for hours and a stern warning to respect your elders. Was it really disrespect or a child’s curiosity to know their parents better? Our parents were usually called “Baba Lagbaja” or “Iya Tamedo” by everyone and they call themselves “Dear” or “Daddy wa or Mummy wa” and while you were young, if you were asked what your parents names were, you would have said “My Daddy’s name is Daddy and my Mummy’s name is Mummy”.



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