From the beginning of time, from the first man ever created, there has existed a breed, a special creature with special talents and features to change man and the world, with just their silence; they are called “THE CONFESSORS”. The Confessor (I got this name from the movie series “MERLIN”) has several amazing abilities ranging from multitasking, feeding insatiable creatures, giving life and other countless abilities. She also has the ability to make the guilty and naïve  confess their sins whether they like it, want to or not. If you doubt me, let us imagine this scenario together…

A man and his wife return home from work and are both tired, they shower, wife makes dinner and they eat and after dinner they decide to watch a movie. In the middle of the movie, the man realizes the wife has been quiet all through the evening, she usually would tell him about her day and all that happened and he would listen or pretend to whilst giving her inaudible responses to rhetorical questions like (that girl insulted me today, can you imagine?), not responding or giving the wrong response to her monologue would start something he would not be able to finish. He sees that not only has she been quiet, but she is peacefully watching the movie, he begins to steal glances at her whilst thinking in his mind “ what have I done now, did I forget our anniversary, did I forget any of her parents birthday, did I give her that money she asked for, did I forget something she told me?” Since he can’t remember anything he might have done wrong, he asks; “Baby why are you quiet this evening, what’s on your mind?” She says nothing is wrong and continues watching the movie but he doesn’t believe her, all sort of crazy thoughts start running through his mind. He asks again “Are you sure nothing is wrong, she replies in the affirmative and this makes him even more uncomfortable, he then starts apologizing for past, present and future sins, he also begins to ask forgiveness for unknown sins, the ones she wasn’t even aware of, for example; “I am sorry for telling your sister, you are getting fat” or “I am sorry for lying to you about where I went on Sunday evening”. Usually any this confessions would result in a full blown argument, fight and  other dreadful consequences.

Every time a woman is quiet, a man usually thinks something is wrong and they want to fix it, truth is it’s not every time a woman is quiet that something is wrong, she just might not feeling like talking or she is thinking of other things that has got nothing to do with you, I know it is hard for men to believe but it is true. A quiet woman is not always an angry woman but it is good to know that your silence can bring about confessions. Now what do you think, does this make a woman a confessor?


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