Last Saturday, i went for a friend’s wedding and after giving the couple my best wishes i sat with some friends to enjoy the rest of the wedding celebrations. Going to weddings with friends make it more fun whether you know the couple or not, because to be honest, i think that sometimes weddings could become boring. The most important aspect of weddings for the guests is the food, in Nigeria it seems party food is uniquely delicious and alluring,very different from homemade meals especially party jollof rice ,party jollof rice is everything ask anyone ( topic for another day).

While all the wedding festivities were going on, my friends and i kept ourselves entertained by gisting, looking at people’s outfits and laughing at funny pictures and videos on Instagram then my friend showed me a picture that it inspired this post.










Going to the toilet is for getting relief and it would also seem it is one place where we can enjoy some privacy and gather our thoughts and even receive secret phone calls. Thanks to the advent of internet and social media, going to the toilet has become much more fun, yeah you heard me FUN!!!

When you are in the toilet with WiFi on or you have enough data and you are on social media, you can spend almost an hour in there especially if you have a fully charged battery or if you can charge your phone there. I think that people who write mean comments on social media platforms do it while they are in their toilets, because there you enjoy the privacy of snooping into other people’s lives on social media without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Another advantage is this, you get to think without any interruption or distractions, you can daydream as long as you like especially if you are not married or have kids. It is one place where you get to re-evaluate your life,decisions, be inspired and get ideas that can change your life and the world, yes the WORLD!!!

So my point really is this; spend more time in your toilet and be inspired with ideas or inventions that can change the world, the world depends on you.


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  1. Gbemisola says:

    Good one!

  2. Israel Adebowale O says:

    Totaly true….. If toilet should have a plug-in.. He he he.. Vigil in the toilet he he he.. Nice one sister keep up the Good work. More wisdom by his grace

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