The other day my sister and i were in church, waiting for my hubby so we could go home when this elderly woman who is about 90 years old, a great-grandmother walked past us. Almost by default, my sister and i greeted her genuflecting with our knees on the ground, by default because we didn’t think it was uncool or out of place. The elderly woman exchanged pleasantries with us and proceeded to sit a few seats from us. A lady and her 2 year old son walk towards us and when they got to where Mama was seated, the lady greeted Mama and when Mama tried to greet her son, he just stood there looking. The lady then proceeds to say ” Honey say hi to grandma”, my sister and i exchanged a look of surprise then the lady corrects herself and says “oya, prostrate and greet grandma”, but the little boy totally ignores her and begins to pull his mother away.

i don’t understand how we decide to spoil our children and raise them without the same morals and principles we were raised by. Our parents raised us to be respectful, courteous and polite, these things were practically drilled into our skulls from when we were born. One look from your mum when you were misbehaving in public was enough to reset you especially when you know disobedience could earn you a punishment or spanking. Charity begins at home but somehow all the things our parents taught us that made us grow into responsible adults, now seem too archaic to teach our kids even though those things didn’t kill us but made us better. We all want to give our children better lives so they do not suffer the things we did, every parent wants that but should that be a reason to raise spoilt brats?


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