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” You are just an idiot, a good for nothing, you are just useless and worthless, is it any wonder your Mother came to dump you with me? She can’t handle you anymore, before you kill me, let me tell … Continue reading

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Under this sky…

In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Nigeria, Paris and other parts of the world ravaged by war and other crisis we can only pray for world peace, it is not about fighting about who to pray for because whether … Continue reading

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        “Access into a person’s life is a gift and a privilege not to be taken for granted”… These words were was spoken by someone i consider a wise man, I had been complaining to him about … Continue reading

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Petra stood by her bedroom window looking outside as it rained, thinking to herself about how the year has almost ended, November came so fast and before long the new year will roll in also. She thought, “How come I … Continue reading

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