Petra stood by her bedroom window looking outside as it rained, thinking to herself about how the year has almost ended, November came so fast and before long the new year will roll in also. She thought, “How come I haven’t done all the things i planned at the beginning of the year?”.Petra knew she had had a lot of time to do all she needed to do but things always came up and there was never enough time, it wasn’t really her fault now, was it? “.There was never enough money too, there were bills to pay, her general up-keep and her savings too. It was not that she hadn’t wanted to work out her plans and projects, she had planned to do them later when she had time or at the right time. Petra knew she was making excuses, she had wasted so much time, resources and energy for almost a whole year but that’s what procrastination does, it wastes time.

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One of the best decisions you can make is to be deliberate about life, do all you have to do, do not put it off till a better time or later, because when “later” comes you will put it off to another time again. DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO NOW!!! Procrastination has killed many relationships, ideas, dreams,projects and even lives that might have changed the world but there put off till later, no wonder it is indeed a certain kind of death.


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