She was tired and ached all over, she was glad he had finally left the room, the incessant arguments,fighting and attacks always left her drained physically and emotionally, their relationship was Topsy turvy, lovely today,hell tomorrow. For all she cared, he could go to the end of the world right now and she would be totally unperturbed as long as he was not around to beat and scream at her. She sighed as she walked to her loveseat by her bedroom window, she had put the chair there to enjoy the view of the lake by their house but she seldom did. When she had gotten the loveseat months after his arrival from seclusion, he had looked at her like she was insane and all efforts to make him cuddle with her in it failed.
Sitting in the loveseat, she could feel all her worries slip away, albeit temporarily but away they went. She surrendered herself to the plush cushions as they hugged her aching tired body, she threw her head back against the head rest and put her feet up, the throbbing in her head seemed very distant and all at once her world seemed to have righted itself. She could still hear him throwing things around and screaming somewhere in the house but she didn’t care as long as she could enjoy this heavenly bliss alone in her chair before he attacks again.
In the comfort of her chair,she couldn’t resist the urge to nap, it was so peaceful, serene and quiet. Birds chirping, water flowing, wind blowing softly against her skin, the world felt right and good, peaceful and quiet, very quiet, too quiet. She woke with a start; ” No, this is not right” she thought, she couldn’t hear a thing, indeed the house was quiet and with it came not relief but a very uneasy feeling. Something was wrong, very wrong infact, when you have a toddler who is crawling and learning to walk, a quiet house is the first sign all hell is about to break loose.




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