I remember when i was in Secondary school in J.S.S 3 precisely, we had just written our J.S.C.E, it is the entrance exam that qualifies you for Senior class, where we were supposed to pick an area of study to focus on, there was Sciences, Commercial or Art. I was one of the best in my class and was usually chosen to represent the school in any quiz or debate competitions, of course my teachers, principal and the Director of the school loved me because I always won any debate competition i went for so safe to say i always made my school proud. Naturally it was expected that being so brilliant, i would go to Science class because that was where all the brilliant kids went, some of them went to Commercial class also with some average kids but the not so smart kids went to Art class. I knew i didn’t want to go to Science class because it didn’t feel right even though i passed all my subjects, i knew i wanted to go to Arts class because i loved Art subjects more especially because i love to write but i didn’t want to offend my friends, teachers,Principal and of course my parents. I didn’t want to be seen as dull or stupid so i went to Science class but after the first term, i knew i couldn’t take it anymore and decided to switch to Art class to do what i loved. I remember my Dad perceived my struggle and he told me to do what i loved and what i was best at not because of anyone but for myself. I told the Head teacher of my decision and he thought i was insane, he told me to think about what people will say and how they would see me but i had made up my mind and it was approved. I was laughed at and bullied for my decision but i knew what i wanted even at that age and i didn’t care what people said or did.
My dad always told me something, he said ” If the whole world is deceiving you, make sure you are not deceiving yourself”, live in your truth, don’t live your life based on the approval or acceptance of people that should hardly matter.







This question has trapped and is killing a lot of us slowly, we are trapped in situations in life because we are scared of what people will say or think, Honey, they gonna say anyway so do the right thing for you. People are stuck in marriages and relationships that are killing them physically, emotionally or psychologically but they don’t want to leave because of what people will say. The only person’s approval i want in my life is God and to always walk in truth, if i have that then i am alright, at the end of my life, i don’t want to look back on my life and see that i wasted it living to please everyone.

Know THE TRUTH, let it set you FREE…


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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4 Responses to WHAT WOULD PEOPLE SAY?!

  1. You know what, I faced a similar situation. For my first 2 years in college I was studying strictly biology. I had the brain for it, I loved the course actually and I wanted to be a doctor. But by my 3rd year, I grew up real quick to my own reality. No one else was living my life for me. I had to do what makes me happy so I added an English minor to my degree. Since then, studying English has helped me enjoy Biology even! I found peace with coping with both courses the day I stopped thinking that people would prefer I chose one and that choice was Biology….

  2. Timi Adigun says:

    Very well said. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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