Merry Christmas everyone, my prayer is that you experience God’s love in a very awesome way, because to me Christmas is all about love, sharing, giving and receiving love. This is so because me and my family had an experience few years back that changed my perspective about Christmas.
In the 1997, my family went through a very rough patch financially and Christmas that year was not something we were looking forward to because we had nothing to eat and no new Christmas clothes. I watched my siblings ask my parents for several goodies for Christmas, i saw the sadness in my Parents eyes because they could not give us our demands at that time, i also watched my siblings cry when they saw other kids enjoy things that they could not. Christmas that year was really hard for us and we didn’t really know what to do, our first meal that day was garri (Cassava flakes soaked in water) without sugar and after we had finished our meal, my mother went into the toilet to cry, till today i don’t think she knows I know she used to cry back then because she tried hard to not to look discouraged or defeated to us.
Even though the day was really going bad, by noon, there was a knock on our door and when i opened it, standing there was the daughter of a family friend with a huge bag. I let her in, and she proceeded to hand the bag to my mum telling her that her mother told her to give her. My mum thanked her profusely and sent her regards to her mother promising to visit her soon. As soon as the young girl left, my mother opened the bag and her face lit up, in the bag was a huge bowl of Fried rice and several pieces of chicken and also in the bag was uncooked rice. Immediately she served us and we were so happy, for me and my siblings, our Christmas was made, it didn’t matter that we didn’t get Christmas clothes, we had had a very wonderful meal and that was just awesome. At that time for my family, that show of love was highly appreciated even though the woman who sent the meal to us might not have known, I think that is what Christmas is about. Sharing, giving and receiving love, giving from our abundance or just enough to those who have none including the love of Jesus, yes indeed Jesus the reason for this season.

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