Happy New year, thank God for another new year and in some ways a fresh start of new things and new opportunities, thank you all your likes and comments last year, this year would be much more exciting,inspiring and impactful as you journey with me through my blog.

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As the year 2015 was drawing to a close, I began to think and plan for 2016,I recall thinking if i could achieve all I wanted because of certain limitations,I made a lot of this plans in my head and thought about them for a long time. One day, i stumbled on a post on Instagram ( hubby complains that i’m on it all the time, he’s right though), the post was about someone who wanted to take a huge step but was afraid, afraid of people’s opinions and ultimately if she could do it. She knew it would be a huge risk  and that she would be putting herself way out of her comfort zone, but she did it and succeeded and because of that she is now able to encourage others to achieve and succeed at their dreams.

Reading that post reminded me of something my Brother used to tell me about taking risks, he would say; “Just do it, no one would pick up a cane to flog you and even if they flog you, it would only be after you have done it”.

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Indeed he is right, how may times do we go about setting goals and  making resolutions in January but run out of steam by March. Stop looking for someone to encourage or push you, encourage yourself. Even King David in the bible had to learn to encourage himself when things were very tough. This year i decided to do a few things differently to help me achieve my goals, I have prayed and I am still praying but I do know that I also need corresponding action, so let me encourage you as I encourage me. These are a list of things I wrote to help me, I hope it works for you too, please share your thoughts with me also:-

  1. Write it out ( Like me, its been in your head long enough.)
  2. Prioritize
  3. Outline workable ways to achieve what you want to do
  4. Get a list of people you think can help you
  5. Be accountable to yourself and someone trustworthy
  6. Set realistic targets and time

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