Peter kept running, more like dragging his feet, the strong winds kept pushing him back but he was determined to keep going, he continued putting one foot in front of the other. Other runners sped past him and he felt so slow, so discouraged and kept wondering if he would ever reach the finish line at all. Not everyone would win a marathon but Peter thought that at least he would be among the top 10, but since the race started he had lost count of the people that had run past him, Peter was sure he would be among the last 10, the losers. He was tired, thirsty, sweaty and wanted to give up, infact people along the way told him to stop since the race had ended and it was no use running anymore, no one would blame him for stopping if he did. Peter refused to pay them any attention, he was going to finish the race even if it meant he would finish last, he wasn’t going to give up, he owed it to himself and wanted to prove to himself that he could start something, see it through and complete it.

Sometimes i feel like Peter, I see others making progress in certain aspects and i feel like am a little slow in progress, I know there are people out there like me who feel the same way please do not give up. I have come to realize that we are running individual races in life and would excel in different ways and aspects of life, do not compare yourself with another person, everyone has their “down time”, but don’t let yours put you down permanently. Whilst i am not where i want to be yet, i refuse to give up, i would continue going till i achieve all my dreams and goals. I choose to deliberately,actively, consistently take steps to making all my dreams come true. I would keep going one step in front of another, baby steps maybe but I would keep moving, you should too. Please don’t give up yet, you are almost there, sometimes succeeding and making your dreams come true is not about proving anyone wrong but proving to yourself that you are stronger than you think, sometimes we stare down our fears, sometimes we keep moving with our eyes closed but move we must.


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