As Paul walked home from work, he felt on top of the world, he even had a spring in his steps and a goofy smile plastered on his face which made people stare at him like he was some kind of nut case but he didn’t give a care. The wind blew softly against his face and with it the smell of someone cooking dinner, this caused his stomach to protest loudly of how empty it had been all morning. This realization made Paul quicken his steps and as his house came into view, he decided to run the rest of his way home.
Paul gets into the house through the kitchen entrance, barging in and startling his Mother, she’s about to protest when she notices his happy demeanor and is somewhat taken aback because he usually grumpy when he gets home. Paul laughs, a deep rumble from deep within him at the sight of his mother’s surprised expression, he hugs her, kisses her cheek,steals a piece of fried chicken and runs up the stairs two at a time to his bedroom. He undresses and gets into the shower, as the cool water cascades down his body, washing off the dirt and sweat of the day, he began to recall the events of the day.
The day had started like any Monday, he was absolutely exhausted before he even got to work because he hated his job. He had gotten dressed, eaten and left for work by default, he wasn’t conscious of his actions like a Plane on Auto-pilot. He walked to the bus stop and joined the queue of commuters waiting for the bus. To Paul this was all normal, the earlier the day started the earlier it ended, he looked at the other commuters to see if he would see a familiar face but he didn’t so he thought he would check what was trending on Twitter, thank God for social media, he would have been bored to death. The thought was still on his mind when someone tapped him to ask if there was someone in front of him, he looked up to reply when he saw a lady with the most beautiful eyes and hair that he had ever seen. Paul was speechless and continued staring until he she snapped her fingers and said “Ermm excuse me, is anyone in front of you?” ; He answered her in the negative so she smiled and thanked him as she stepped in front of him. He remembered her smile, perfect teeth and boy oh boy, her smile shone like a light on his dark dreary world. He asked for her name and she said her name was Mercy and they talked until the bus came, they sat next to each other and talked until she got to her destination. As she alighted from the bus, Mercy looked at Paul, smiled and said; “see you tomorrow dude”. Paul’s day was made before it started, infact his entire week and if fortune smiled on him, his life was going to be changed forever. Yes forever he thought, God had shown him “Mercy”, he had smiled on him, he had met a girl and not just any, “THE” girl.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to
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2 Responses to THE GIRL.

  1. What a Girl can cause..lolz.
    Would really want to know what happened at work..
    Pls..Part 2 🙂
    Nice Piece Seun.

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