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Paul awoke the next day with a huge smile on his face, he hurriedly took his bath and headed to work, he didn’t even wait to eat his breakfast to his Mother’s dismay. She still wondered about his new enthusiasm and hoped it would last. Paul ran all the way to the bus stop, he didn’t even stop to greet and chat with Nelson the old fruit vendor beside his house that he usually chatted with on his way to work and who in turn always gave him an apple, he just waved to him and shouted a greeting as he raced to the bus stop. Nelson waved his apple at him, telling him to at least come get it but Paul was already gone, Nelson was puzzled, he wondered if all was well with him and shook his head, “young men of today, what’s he up to now?” he said…

Paul got to the bus stop, joined the queue and immediately began to look for her, he didn’t see her so even when a bus came and it was almost his turn to get in, he allowed people behind him to go before him. He didn’t want to miss her, she had said this was her regular route to work and promised to see him the next day which was today. Paul kept looking out for her, the first bus and the second got filled and left yet he had not see her, he believed he would see her, he had to believe he would, he didn’t mind getting late to work. Mercy’s coming into his life was like God had finally shown him Mercy. Paul started becoming frantic when the third bus arrived and still no sign of her, he hated his job but he needed the money and there was a time limit to how late he could get, he joined the queue and entered the bus when it got to his turn. He sat by the window and kept looking back in a last attempt to see if she was there but to no avail. The bus began to move and it was almost like Paul could hear the tires crushing his hope underneath them, he felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders again and he was late to work which meant working overtime that week and a thorough scolding from his overbearing supervisor. He still hoped he would see her before the week ended since it was her regular route like she had said, he would not give up just yet.

Just as the bus was about to ease out of the park into the road, he heard someone scream, “Stop, please stop the bus, stoooop the bus”; Paul looked out the window and saw someone running towards the bus waving frantically, in a split second he recognized her, his Mercy, his one saving grace was here. He shouted at the bus driver to stop, when he refused, he begged him to allow her in; the driver looked at him and saw a silent desperation in his eyes and knew instantly something was up. He smiled, shook his head and stopped the bus amidst protest from some passengers and allowed her in. Paul thanked him profusely and went back to his seat, when Mercy got in, he waved her to the seat beside him which she gladly took, she sat beside him and said, “Hey you thank you so much, and good to see you again, you missed me?” Paul’s face split into a huge goofy grin as he blushed, if she could read his mind, she would hear, “Oh Mercy, my world is right again, you my dear, are a sight for sore eyes.”


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