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Mercy’s presence in his life was like sunshine on a cloudy day, as the first ray of sunshine burst through gray clouds, she came into his life and gave him a reason to be happy,to hope and dream. He just couldn’t imagine life without her or remember what life had been without her, it was almost like before her there was no life. He smiled and began to reflect on the past few months since they first met that day at the bus stop. He loved absolutely everything about her, from the way her eyes lit up when she smiled or laughed at something he said, he liked that she laughed at his jokes; he had read somewhere that if a girl laughed at your jokes when no one else would, that means she likes you. He liked the way she always chewed food with her mouth open, he knew it was weird but then there was nothing about her he found weird. He loved how she was always cheery and saw the positive side of every situation.
Paul did not want to waste anymore time, he wanted to take their relationship to the next level, he had to tell her he loved her so she would be sure and not doubt him in any way. He called and told her they should meet after work the next day but she said she had to meet a friend but promised to see him at the end of the week so they agreed to meet at her favorite restaurant “The blue chills”. By Saturday night, Paul was a sore case of nerves, he was not nervous about sharing his feelings with Mercy, rather he was nervous about convincing her to spend the rest of her life with him. When Mercy walked into the restaurant, Paul thought his sore eyes had never seen a more beautiful sight, one more time silently in his heart, he blessed the day they met. He got up to greet her and held out her chair, after they were seated, he looked at her and straightway noticed there was something different in her eyes and smile, it was somewhat guarded and when Mercy saw he was looking at her, she looked away. Paul thought there was something bothering her and when he asked,she said, she was just tired and stressed because work had been hectic that week. Paul believed her and ordered their food, they both had the same favorite food which was spaghetti bolognese accompanied with a chilled cup of iced tea. They began to chat and it seemed Mercy was back to her normal self and forgotten all about work,they were done with their meal and when their dessert of vanilla ice cream and red velvet cake was served, Paul thought it was the best time to say what he had, he looked at her and said; “There’s something i need to tell you”…
No sooner had the words left his lips,did he realize Mercy had also said the same thing , so they both laughed and he told her to go first, he didn’t want anything to stand in the way when he shared his feelings. Mercy told him her ex-boyfriend Dan had called her and apologized again, she said she had even seen him during the week and she knew she was still in love with him, she said she would always be because he was her first love. She said they always fought and broke up but always got back together that it was normal for them, she said she just couldn’t see how she could love another the way she did Dan, she then asked Paul if she was right because she didn’t know what to do. Paul didn’t know what to say but he told her she was right, she thanked him and said; “Thank God, you are my best friend, you are so good for me”…
As Paul walked home, he was astounded, the evening had not gone the way he had planned, he was supposed to tell her about his feelings, instead she told him she was in love with someone else, he didn’t know what to make of it. He smiled sadly, shook his head and thought; “One day, maybe one day i would understand this thing called love”….


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2 Responses to THE GIRL IV

  1. The whole I realised I still love my ex so we can’t be together is the worse feeling in the world!

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