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Chief Olade was in a good mood and there was no other reason than because his business was doing so good. While he was still driving the Old Mercedes Benz 550 2014 model, his friends at the club all had their own Yachts with their names engraved on them and they were flaunting it so he had to step up. He had not paid salaries of his staff for 3 months but they would have to wait, after all the economy is failing and the dollar keeps fluctuating, it wasn’t his fault. He was the sole signatory to the company’s accounts and he had just supplied computers to Federal Universities across the country, a contract he won from his friend a top government official, so he had money enough to buy his own Yacht. “They have to wait after all, there are no jobs out there, they should be grateful i employed them” he thought smiling and looked up in time to see his driver narrowly escape hitting a heavily pregnant woman hawking chewing sticks. He rolled down the glass of his window to shout at her “Foolish woman, if you want to die, go home and do that on your own, no one even buys chewing sticks anymore, go and meet the idiot who impregnated you”.

Ayoka quickly crossed the road, she ignored the man in the car insulting her, she didn’t even look at him, she was tired and had only sold 2 sticks since money, so she had only made 20naira that day. Her husband Mutiu worked as a guard at a company where they had been owing them for 3 months now, yet he could not leave the job because he was afraid he would not find another. Ayoka walked home, the 20naira she made would have to do for dinner, a tin of garri they would all have to share. She remembered it was the end of the month and hoped that her husband would be paid that day, she would give birth anytime, she hadn’t gone for any antenatal treatments but she also knew they didn’t have enough money for her to deliver at a hospital.
Mutiu was worried, well he was always worried but this time he was confused. His friends Udot and Adamu had brought an idea to him yesterday at the beer parlor, they told they could kidnap his boss Chief Olade and get ransom for his release, they told him, he’s only job was to report to them when he arrived and when he left the office. Mutiu really needed the money, Chief Olade had not paid them in 3 months, he had 2 children and a heavily pregnant wife who was due any moment. He figured his part in the job was very simple and did not require his presence so why not, he decided he would do it. He figured Chief Olade deserved what was coming to him, since he didn’t care about people working for him.
So many times, the decisions we make affect us and others in ways that we never imagine, so many of us have been affected by the good and bad choices of parents, spouses, friends and others. In the same way our spouses, family and others would be affected by our good or bad choices. Ultimately its all a chain reaction, a ripple effect, what you do goes beyond you to others, “Love your neighbor as yourself”… do to others what you want others to do to you.


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