Everyone knew Olumide’s parents as strict disciplinarians, his Father was an Engineer working in the Federal ministry of works and his Mother was the principal of a private owned school. His parents taught him and his 3 brothers hard work, excellence and diligence, they taught them to always do right, be honest and truthful no matter the cost. Olumide and his siblings were well brought up and seen as examples in their neighborhood, school and church, they were the kind of children other parents used as reference points for their kids often saying “why can’t you be like Olumide and his brothers?”

Olumide aced all his secondary school exams and even got a scholarship to study Law at the University of Lagos, all was going well until one day his Parents were summoned by the school authorities. When they got there they were told that Olumide was killed, they were shocked but when they told them he had been a cultist and was killed in a shootout with the police when they went to rob a bank, his Mother passed out and his Father almost had a heart attack. After she was revived and they asked to take Olumide’s corpse,they were told to go the the police station for identification and questioning. When they got to the police station, they met reporters and their crews interviewing the robbers that were still alive. They wanted to slip past thembut they were spotted and were bombarded with all kinds of question which they ignored until one reporter asked;

“ Do you think, you have failed as parents with your son lying here a dead armed robber?”

Olumide’s parents were too distraught to answer any of the reporters but the question the last reporter asked weighed heavily on their minds;

“ Did we fail as parents?”

At what point has a parent failed, especially one who has done their absolute best for that child or if out of 4 kids, one turns out “BAD” while the others turn out good, is that the fault of the parents? I believe parents have the responsibility to train and lead us on the right path in life but the rest is up to you as an individual, you can take a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink. What do you think?


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