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Lakunle made up his mind that him and his family would not continue to suffer, he left his mother weeping in their one room “face me I face you “ apartment and started for his carpentry shed. Just as he stepped out, he remembered that he could not go through his usual route because he was still owing Mama Chidi money for the last time he bought garri from her. He was always in debt and had a permanent account with her, Mama Chidi was at first sympathetic with him and his family but in time her patience wore out as he never paid his debt on time or at all. She told him that if she kept giving him food on credit, in time she would become as poor as he was, so she vowed not to give him anything on credit till he paid off all his debts.

Since Lakunle could not go through his usual route, he had to take a longer route,he didn’t mind as  long as he could avoid Mama Chidi’s distasteful looks and insults, preoccupied with his thoughts, he began to think of how much he hated his job, he wished he didn’t have to do it, he had decided to learn the furniture making trade because it was the cheapest he could afford. The lack of passion for his work was evident in the outcome of his products, his work was always shoddy and never stood the test of time so that they were always returned for repairs. Just last week the table he made for his cousin Basirat who is a seamstress collapsed on her leg while she was trying to cut some fabrics. Basirat returned the table to him and demanded that he made a new one because or else she would curse him. Lakunle knew things had to change, and he knew exactly what to do, he would go and see Ola his friend the mechanic.

Ola like Lakunle used to be very poor, infact they used to sit and lament together but recently it seemed his fortune had changed and his business was booming so much so that he bought a car. Lakunle went to meet him at his workshop, he was determined to know how he made it, things were so different for him now. When he got there, he saw a lot of exotic cars parked for repair and Ola enjoying a sumptuous breakfast of fried rice, chicken and a chilled bottle of soda. When Ola asked him to join him,he didn’t hesitate; As they ate, Lakunle asked about his sudden change in status but Ola laughed heartily and said “its all fate,good luck and hard work my friend”.Lakunle was dissatisfied with his answer and began to plead and beg him to show him how he had come upon such goodwill. He pleaded and pleaded but Ola told him there was nothing more to his new status but when Lakunle mentioned that he could put in a good word with Basirat whom Ola had been “toasting” (wooing),it did the trick almost like Lakunle said “Open sesame”, Ola finally opened up to him and told him everything.


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2 Responses to LAKUNLE II

  1. The family you’ve described here is no stranger to the Nigerian community. Life is rough and tough. I wanna see what Lakunle will do to help less the burden his family is facing. It’s good to have him as the man of the house. But I just wish our mother’s could “do” something so that a family isn’t always dependent on the father figure.

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