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Four years later, Lakunle had become a very rich and successful man, he had several businesses and owned properties in the choicest parts of Lagos and Abuja, he drove the best cars money could buy and wore only the best designer outfits, he was living large and enjoying life to the fullest. He didn’t deny himself anything he wanted and made sure his Mother and siblings were well taken care of too. He built his Mother a gigantic mansion and supermarket to keep herself busy, she was very grateful to him and told him so several times. He also ensured that all his siblings were put in the best schools in the state and set up trust funds for each of them to take care of their education to whatever level they wanted.

Although Lakunle’s Mother was grateful for their change in status over a short period of time, that was her greatest worry that “their fortune had changed in short period of time”, she felt things had changed too fast for them, she had her doubts and fears and heard some rumors. One day, she went to visit him and asked him again just as she always did; “Lakunle my son, how did you come about such great wealth”, and he always gave her the same answer “Mama, I have always told you, hard work and fate is the reason I am where I am today”.

No matter how many times his Mother asked, he always gave the same answers and when she told him about the rumors  in town, rumors that he did money rituals, or that he was a “yahoo-yahoo” guy (internet fraudster), he laughed and told her to forget about all the hear say, he said people were just jealous of their good fortune especially since it all happened so quickly.

Lakunle’s Mother left her son’s house that day not satisfied, her instinct told her something was not right but she didn’t know what to do, she knew her son was lying to her but she just could not prove it. Later that night as she lay in bed about to sleep, she prayed to God to keep Lakunle her son, as much as she knew something was not right about her son’s success, she knew she could not go back to being a pauper again so she decided not to ask him about the source of his wealth anymore, “The little I know, the better” she thought.

A few weeks later, the shrill sound of her phone ringing at 4am in the morning woke her, it was an unknown number, the caller told her Lakunle was found unconscious in his room and had been rushed to the hospital.


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