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Lakunle’s Mother prayed earnestly for her son as she dashed to the hospital, she imagined all sort of things that could have happened but nothing, absolutely nothing she imagined was what she was about to see at the hospital. Nervous and fearing the worst, she inquired about her son at the hospital’s reception and was told he was conscious and in a stable condition, she sighed in relief. She asked for directions to his room and as she walked towards it, she began to feel the nagging sense of unease she had every time she thought about him but this time it was different, she felt something new, dread.

When she got into his room, she moved to the bed and as she did, chills ran down her spine and the hairs on the back of her neck were standing. She looked at the figure on the bed and gasped in shock, the person was like a bag of bones, one that bore a haunting resemblance with her son Lakunle. She saw the dry skin, sunken eyes and chapped lips, she could not believe her eyes, they did not live in the same house but they saw from time to time, she began to wonder if she had missed something;

“Did he have any sickness that i was not aware of? He was always slim built but not deathly thin like this, Oh my God, what is going on?” she thought.

She began to weep uncontrollably and the sounds of her cries woke Lakunle, he turned and saw his Mother by his bed, with a resigned look of exhaustion and defeat he said to her “I told this people not to feed me but they did and now I would die”.

Perplexed she asked him; “Lakunle my son, what are you talking about?”.

He looked at her closed his eyes and shook his head, she continued sobbing and asking what had happened,then he said;

“Sit down Mama, am not sure how much time I have, but I know am going to die, I told this people not to feed me but they did and now I would die”.

His Mother cut in just then and said; “You would not die, in Jesus name, I reject it, of course they have to feed you, if they don’t they can’t treat you my son, you are too weak, you look anorexic, haven’t you been eating”.

He replied, “I have not, Mama you don’t understand, I have to go without eating every 2 days and eat only on the night of the 3rd day but this is only the 2nd day and I have eaten, so listen carefully Mama, for I will surely die tonight”.


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