images (3)“Lakunle stop saying you will die, Oh my God, why are you talking like this?” screamed Lakunle’s Mother.

“Mama calm down and let me explain, i have to go without eating every 2 days and eat only in the night of the 3rd day which is when they bring me money, if i eat before the 3rd day, i would surely die that is what Baba Taku the witch doctor told me”.His Mother gaped and exclaimed;

“So the rumors are true Lakunle, you did do money rituals, why iwo omode yi (this child), why would you do such a dreaded thing, why were you so desperate?”

He laughed bitterly and said ” Mama what choice did i have, we were too poor and between my carpentry job and your fish selling trade, we could barely feed, so what else should i have done?”.

He went on to tell her how Ola the Mechanic his friend had introduced him to Baba Taku the witch doctor four years ago. Ola went to the man for a good luck charm for his business but Lakunle didn’t want good luck for a job he hated, he needed money, he believed that was the solution to all his problems. Ola warned him not to be greedy but he refused to listen. When they got to the witch doctor’s house, Lakunle told him that he wanted money and was ready to do anything for it. Baba Taku smiled and told him to think about it and come back when he had made a decision but he insisted he was ready and that he had made up his mind before they got there. Ola tried dissuade him,urging him to be patient and just ask for a simple good luck charm but Lakunle laughed and told him he knew what he was doing, Baba Taku then told them to return the next day.

The next day he went back there but Ola didn’t accompany him saying he would not be part of his decision but he was not bothered. Baba Taku  then said to him,

” Olakunle, the gods have smiled on you and have decided to grant your wish, your task is simple, all they require is that you go without food and water every 2 days and on the 3rd day you eat by 6pm and when you sleep that night, emissaries from the gods, would bring you money”.

Lakunle was overjoyed, he asked Baba if that was all and he replied in the affirmative, Lakunle said it was a small sacrifice to pay for immense wealth and he would do it. Just as he rose to leave, Baba Taku stopped him and said;

“One more thing, if you eat or drink before the 3rd day, you would not only lose money, you would lose your life and your wealth will die with you.”

Lakunle told him he had heard and went his way. True to Baba Taku’s words, it all happened the exact way he said and Lakunle became a wealthy man, a wealthy man who was always weak and hungry.As he lay in the hospital, weak, hungry and tired, he looked at his Mother and said;

“Mama, since I am going to die, please i am hungry and I want to eat.” His Mother exclaimed;

“Rara ( NO) oh, Lakunle you cannot eat, you cannot die yet, no my son you will not die, i will not allow it”.

After her declaration, she ran to see the doctor to ask that he be discharged so she could take care of him. As his Mother left the room, Lakunle stared at her retreating back and realized it was too late there was nothing she or the doctors could do to save him, he had laid his bed and he was lying in it Baba Taku and Ola had warned him, he sighed and closed his eyes, he could already feel the coldness in his hands and feet and it was spreading fast across his body.




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