images (23)Joshua didn’t know what he had done wrong, he did what his Daddy did every time his mummy had been bad, he didn’t understand why he was being punished. Michelle had been bad, she had laughed at him when Miss Matthews their math teacher said that he had failed again, so he had punished her. “But Daddy always said girls did bad things and needed to be punished” thought Joshua. In his 7 year old mind, he had done nothing wrong to deserve being punished but Michelle deserved to be punished and beaten.

Andrea put on her dark shades just before she walked into the lecture hall, she was late so she sat at the back away from everyone, she didn’t want anyone to see her but Sandra saw her and also noticed she was wearing dark shades again. Sandra could not understand why a beautiful rich girl like Andrea would remain with a brute like Oscar; he was short guy with a short fuse. She took care of him and provided all his needs, she gave him money whenever he needed but he derived pleasure from hitting her all the time. Andrea always had a scar whenever she came to school, one time when Sandra asked her why she put up with him and his assaults, she said “It’s not his fault, I know he loves me but am the one always upsetting him, so I am the one to blame, my Mummy said men only beat women they love when they are upset, that’s how it was for my parents so that’s how I know he loves me”. Sandra had told her what Oscar was doing was wrong and tried to her help but she reported her to Oscar and he threatened her and told her to mind her business.

Domestic violence has been an issue for generations but the advent of social media has created an immense awareness about it. The recent cases of people like the late Ronke Shonde in Lagos whose husband allegedly beat her to death in their home and celebrities in Nollywood and Hollywood coming out to talk about domestic violence in their marriages leaves one question , WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHILDREN?

What happens to children like Ronke Shonde’s children who have to live with the fact that their Father killed their Mother? Some children turn out well but some continue the circle of abuse. This is why marriage is not about how beautiful or handsome your spouse is, it’s also about your unborn children, it is not about your future alone, it is about theirs also. You won’t be the only victim, they would be too.


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