download (10)There is this program I love to watch titled “How it’s made”, like the title already shows the program is about how products are made from candy bars to cars, the whole process from start to finish which I find really fascinating. The program shows how products start from an ordinary object but after it has been through several processes of production and certain ingredients have been added to it, it becomes something useful and in some cases desirable. Yesterday I watched an episode on how jelly beans were made, the whole process from the sifting of the flour, to the addition of ingredients, stirring and polishing. When the jelly liquid had been poured into the bean shaped pods and it had cooled, they began a process called polishing; Polishing is the process where the beans are turned for several hours till they have a glossy look. The beans were then divided into four places in huge pans shaped like bowls and these pans began to turn. At this point, I thought the whole process had ended because they had already added food coloring to them and they looked ready but while the beans were being polished, they added even more sugar, coloring and some corn flour so the beans do not stick together.

While I was watching the whole process, I was wondering why they didn’t just leave the beans after the molding and coloring, why did they polish it, why add more ingredients when it already looked finished, then I realized, all of the different processes is what makes up the finish product, we see, like and want to eat. The process the jelly beans go through during production is what makes it is, without the process it doesn’t exist. I think it is the same way with us, every experience, mistake, challenge, education, correction e.t.c is what has helped shape us into who we are. When I was a child, I did not like my parents discipline and punishments but it has helped shaped the person I am today.

Often times when we are faced with certain challenges, we can either chose to face it head on and overcome it or avoid it but avoiding it means we did not learn what we were supposed to from that process.

“And let us…exult in our hope of experience…knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patience and unswerving endurance…and endurance develops maturity of character, and character produces joy and confidence…”



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  1. Hmmm what a way to look at things, at life and be inspired.

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