e25aed283d356ae6209c13035356faa9“Mummy please can I have the money I borrowed you?” asked Nelson. His Mother looked at him and replied, “Which money, have you returned the ones I used to feed you, buy clothes and send you to school? You are so ungrateful, so because I borrowed some money from you now, I will not hear word, ehn?” Nelson quietly walks away, he knows not to answer any of his Mother’s questions, it could land him a hot slap or more severe insults.

Bose was watching a movie when all of a sudden a hot slap landed on her back; she screamed and turned just in time to avoid another slap from her furious Mother. “Before you finish breaking all my plates, I would break your head” her Mother declared whilst still trying to beat her. Bose tried to tell her that she was not the one who broke the plate but her Mother refused to listen, just then her Father came in and when he saw what was happening, announced he was the one that broke the plate. Bose looked at her Mother accusingly but before she could say anything, her Mother shouted at her “Will you go and read your book and stop watching film”.

“I am really missing my Daddy, let me call him” thought Emeka, He dialed his Dad’s number, he picked it and they began to talk;

Emeka: – Hello Daddy, good afternoon sir, how are you?

Dad: – Emeka my boy, how are you, how is school? (He didn’t answer Emeka’s greeting)

Emeka: – Am fine Daddy, I just called to say Hi and see how you are doing?

Dad: – What is that supposed to mean, who told you something was wrong with me, ehn?

Emeka: – No daddy, I was just calling to greet you.

Dad: – Ehen, really, what do you want now?

Emeka: – Nothing daddy, I really just called to check on you.

Dad: – Okay oh, if you say so, thank you oh, (he cuts the call)download (11)

Our parents have queer ways of expressing love to us and mostly avoid apologizing to us when they have offended us. When my Dad offended me, instead of apologizing, he would buy apples or any other thing or while he is watching T.V, he would say “oya come and scratch my back” that was his equivalent for “I am sorry”. I think most Father’s use gifts to express love or apologies and some just totally ignore you. Mothers will blame you for their offence, they might say something like “if you had obeyed in the first place, this would never have happened” and if you sulk too much over it, that’s a genuine reason to be punished.


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