This week’s post is a day late and I am so sorry, it was due to unforeseen circumstances.

I decided to start another short story series titled “I WAS MURDERED”, it is a story of a little child in a situation too difficult for any young child to understand or make sense of. I wrote this story out of a deep concern for children who are being exploited, their innocence taken from them too early before they understand what is happening to them. I hope you like it and see the angle from which I am trying to write.

“Parents are the best thing any child could have; they nurture, protect, teach and guide a child on the right path in life”. My teacher Miss Thelma was teaching us about “The family”, Miss Thelma is my favorite teacher, I like her because she is pretty and nice to me; she said a family is made up of a father, mother and children and this is the basic foundation of any family.

She further explained that Parents have different roles; she said the Father is the protector, provider and is usually seen as the hero of a child. I raised my hand to ask a question, I didn’t raise it too high because I know Timi would laugh at me, he is such a bully; Miss Thelma saw me, she smiled and said “Yes Tayo what is your question?”

I was very shy but I asked her

“What is a hero?”

She said I asked a very good question and I knew she was right because when I stole a glance at Timi I could see that he didn’t know what “A hero” meant too. Miss Thelma then asked the class if anyone knew what “A hero” meant but no one did so she said;

“A hero is someone we want to be like when we grow up because they are strong, kind, caring and do nice things, now who will want to be a hero like their daddy?”

I raised my hand along with everyone in my class, of course I want to be a hero too but I don’t want to be a hero like my daddy, I didn’t tell Miss Thelma this, i just said it in my mind. She also said the Mother is the one who nurtures, cares for and sometimes knows a child, their whims, tricks, thoughts and probable action.

If these are the things that parents should do for their children, then I am very confused because asides from the fact that my mummy and daddy gave me anything I ask for, only Daddy seems to love me or does he?



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