I WAS MURDEREDMy name is Adetayo Olowolayemo; I was born on the 3rd of August. I was told that my birth was met with a lot of joy and festivities and the day I was christened, the crème da la crème were present and even the traditional ruler of my Father’s village and high ranking politicians were present.

My Parents are very important people; my Father is a politician, a businessman and a philanthropist while my Mother is the Chairwoman of one of the leading fashion outfits in West Africa. They are well known, loved and respected by all for their wealth and philanthropy, and it is known that whoever comes to them looking for help never leaves disappointed. As a result of my parent’s generosity and work our house always had an unending stream of visitors ranging from politicians, friends, business associates and people looking for favors.

This is the kind family I have been born into, I have everything that money can buy but I what I really need money cannot buy. I have my own nanny that takes care of me and my own driver who takes me to school and back.  My parents are always busy and I rarely see them, I don’t have any friends because I am so shy, that’s why that big bully Timi in my class always picks on me. He says I am a proud spoilt brat which is why I do not speak to anyone in my class. How I wish I could tell my mummy and daddy about Timi and ask them about how not to be shy.

One day Miss Thelma told us a story about Anne Frank, how she wrote about each day they were in hiding in her diary. I liked the story but I liked the idea of having a diary more, if I didn’t have any friends, my diary was going to be my friend. On my way home after school that day, I told Mr. John my driver to take me to a bookstore so I could get my own diary too. I should not have done that; I should never have bought that diary.



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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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4 Responses to I WAS MURDERED II

  1. Oh oh. Waiting on the next part! Ending is a cliffhanger!!

  2. Toyin says:

    Hello nice story when can I read d next part

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