I WAS MURDEREDWhen I got home that day, immediately I went straight to my room, I took my new diary in my hands and stared at it for a long time. I tried to recall everything Miss Thelma had said about having a diary, she said it’s where you write things you want to remember, memories you never want to forget and everyday happenings. To me having a diary is like having a best friend, I always wanted a best friend like other kids but I am just too shy. “My diary will be my best friend who I would tell everything, I would take it with me everywhere I go” I declared happily to my room.

Dinner time in our house is usually me alone at the dining table because Mum and Dad always come home past my bed time if they didn’t travel but today when I got to the dining room, I met Mum there eating her dinner. I greet her, she doesn’t answer but she nods and continues eating so I sit and start with mine. I was hurriedly stuffing food in my mouth, because I wanted to go back to my room and continue writing in my diary when she calmly rebuked me, “Tayo would you stop that right now, eat like a civil person, and wipe that grin off your face, looking like the cat that ate the canary”. I didn’t know what civil meant or why the cat ate the canary but I would write it in my diary and make sure to ask Miss Thelma tomorrow. After dinner, I raced up to my room when I knew my mum was not watching, jumped on my bed armed with my new best friend and I began to write. Thus began my affair with my precious, dangerous diary.

One weekend, my parents and I on one of those rare occasions were at the dining table over breakfast; actually they were both in town because they had to attend the governor’s daughter’s wedding, Miss Joy my nanny had told me as she laid out my clothes for the day. My Father looked at me and said;

“Tayo, so how have you been? We need to catch up; we haven’t spoken in a while”;

I was about to reply when my mum gave me a pointed look and cleared her throat, very quickly I continued eating my food. When my Dad saw this, he chuckled and said

“Don’t mind your mummy Tayo, ever the proper one, always about etiquette and all, lets go to my library after breakfast, we would talk”.

I was ecstatic; I was going to enjoy my Father’s company and we were going to talk. When we were done, I followed him to his library and we talked, he asked me about school and I told him about my classes and about Miss Thelma, I even told him about Timi the bully but not about my diary, it was my secret. It was so much fun just talking to him and him listening to me. When Miss Joy knocked on the library door a few minutes later, Daddy promised to take me out the following weekend. I was so happy that I ran to my Mummy’s room and told her what Daddy said; she patted my head, shrugged and said,

“Oh how nice, do have fun”

As I turned to leave her room, she continued without looking at me “And how many times would I have to remind you to always knock before entering my room? Do not make a habit of always barging in, it’s rude”.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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