I WAS MURDEREDThe weekend could not come soon enough, my days at school dragged on but nothing could dampen my excitement nothing, not even Timi. I did a countdown in my diary and looked forward to hanging out with daddy. On Thursday, Daddy called me from Abuja and said,

“Tayo, how are you? I would fly in tomorrow so that I can keep my promise to take you out on Saturday, is that okay?”

I replied in the affirmative and before he hung up, he promised to buy me a gift when he was returning. My excitement could not be contained, a part of me did not believe my Dad at first, I had thought he would not fulfill his promise because he was always so busy; nevertheless, I was glad that he was making time for me.  The next day, true to his word Daddy arrived and got me a beautiful gift, a brown swatch wristwatch which I loved immediately and I vowed in my heart to never take it off again. At dinner that night, Mummy was out of town so while Daddy and I ate alone, we talked, laughed and had a good time until Daddy had to receive a call that made him retreat to his office. That night when I got back to my room, I took out my diary and wrote how excited I was, I could not wait for dawn yet I could not sleep.

The next morning when Miss Joy came to room to help me get dressed for the day, I was up, ready and dressed, she looked at me a little shocked but she could understand my excitement. She said,

“Tayo, tayo, I know say you wan rush comot but wait Fes, your papa never ready, come make I change your top this one wey u wear no good” ( I know you are excited but your dad is not ready yet so come let us change your shirt and wear a better one)

When Miss Joy had me looking properly dressed, I rushed down to have my breakfast and while waiting to be served, I saw that Dad was not at the table yet, when I asked for his whereabouts, I was told he was in his office on a very important business call. When I heard that my excitement dropped a notch, I wondered if he had forgotten about our outing but few minutes later, Daddy joined me for breakfast and announced;

“Tayo darling, good morning, so today we are going to have the time of our lives”

And that was exactly what happened we had the time of our lives, we had so much fun that day and few weekends after that. It was like my daddy was trying to make up for all the time he lost with me and my mother’s cold demeanor towards me.


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I AM A BREATHTAKING REFLECTION OF GOD'S LOVE. To contact me, send a mail to link2seun@yahoo.com
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