Habits That Make You Look Bad In Public.

Have you ever been in a bus in Lagos and all of a sudden, you begin to hear the popping sound of someone’s gum? I do not know about you but it makes my skin crawl, I feel like reaching over to the person and slap out the gum; but instead I just stick my earphones into my ear and increase the volume of my music to drown out the noise while giving the person if they are behind me my best evil look; Oh, if only looks could kill.

Habits can be defined according to Google as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. It can also be defined as doing something deliberately continuously and repeatedly over a period of time until it becomes a lifestyle.

Now we know what habit means and we know there are good and bad habits. Some are cultivated and some are unconscious; good habits are things like; reading, listening, exercising, etc. Anything that you do that is beneficial to you and those around you is a good habit. On the flip side is the bad habit. These habits are things that we should be deliberately ditch because they give a bad impression of who we are to others and it is said that “first impression is a lasting one”.

I am not perfect and did not go to finishing school to learn about poise and finesse but I do know some things should not be done in public, we can get away with doing some of these things in private but not in public; here are a few: –

  • Chewing gum aloud: – This is just razz and makes you look like a village somebody.
  • Speaking or arguing aloud on your phone: – No, we do not want to know about what you did last night, where you went, what you ate and how many times you went to the toilet; No, please spare us the sordid and even perfect details of your life.images





  • Chewing food aloud or slurping drinks: – This one just drives me crazy. I know eating crunchy snacks like chips, chin-chin, kuli-kuli or pop-corn can be noisy but please learn to close your mouth while chewing, biko, joor, please. As for the slurpers *sigh*.
  • Removing your shoes: – Some people do not just have the fear of God, you know that you have been wearing those shoes all day and if you are a guy, you probably have not washed your socks in months then you just go and off the shoe where people are? That’s just nasty.
  • Beating or scratching your hair: – See ehn my fellow ladies, I understand that the weather does not help our situation sometimes but biko if we wash our hair and wigs regularly, it will reduce the itching. If you have dandruff, get a good anti-dandruff shampoo or something; stop distributing dandruff flakes everywhere you go. A tap or two if your hair itches is very different from hitting, beating or scratching your head.unnamed (1)





  • Scratching your privates: – Taking care of your privates is very important so it does not disgrace you in public. Shave as at when due the necessary areas to avoid heat, dirt and certain infections so you don’t go about scratching and make people think you have an STI or STD.

unnamed (2)








  • Littering the road as you walk or drive: – Every time I see someone throw a wrap, plastic bottle or paper out of their car or as they walk, it makes me see them as undisciplined and dirty. If you would litter the roads, I can imagine what your house looks like.

images (3)






  • Adjusting your underwear and body parts: – If it is possible please go to the toilet to adjust what needs adjusting, unless it is about to fall off or come out.
  • Coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth : – Whenever someone does this beside you don’t you just feel like holding your breath and running for your life? Please cover your mouth with a handkerchief.







  • Picking your nose or cleaning your ears or eyes : – This is just a big no no, especially those who use the cover of their biros and clean it on a piece of paper right before our eyes; nasty, just nasty.
  • Urinating by the road : – This has been been banned but i guess for some people when nature calls, they have to answer immediately anytime and anywhere.

images (2)


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6 Responses to Habits That Make You Look Bad In Public.

  1. Spot on with the bad habits Jesuseun. Can’t particularly stand it when a person shouts on the phone or throws trash on the streets. Let’s hope our people will learn. Keep up the good work.

  2. ibraheem Babatunde says:

    Measures against these were drawn some years back, please do not forget so soon the ‘WAI’ of GMB’ now it has been relaunched by now PMB. This will go along way to sanitize indiscipline in public. Thank you Seun! Good job.

  3. Ketimay says:

    With the exception of a few, I think some of these are just what we’ve been taught to view as bad habits. Like popping gum….

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